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This is me and my daughter, Bethany.  She snapped
this in the restaurant on Mother's Day, May 13, 2012.

This is me at my “worst”.  At least, this is the worst one I have.  This was July 2007, at my niece's wedding.

This is me in July 2011.  I had gained some back, but not nearly where I was when I started the blog.

This is me in approximately October 2009.  I probably weighed around 260 here (a sixty-something pound loss from my worst).

May 17, 2012
This is me (above) on May 17, 2012, almost 3 weeks into my journey.  A part of me wants to cut myself apart in analyzing this picture, and a part feels like it is not as bad as I imagined.  One comment -- can you tell I had a breast reduction between the one above and this one?  Even though I am 30 pounds heavier in this one.

The next four were taken on my 52nd birthday.  I have lost almost 17 pounds.  Weight is 283.6.

I'm going to look good once I have that baby!



Here is a snapshot taken February 27, 2013.  A 25-plus-pound loss since I started Medifast (40 from when I started the blog). 
February 27, 2013
I am now back to where I was in October 2009.  All progress now is new territory (except for a brief time I got into the 250s)!
Finally, I have to remember to do some progress pictures.  I am wearing the same clothes as I was in the pictures on 6/3/12.  I weighed 283.6 on 6/3/12.  On 1/13/14 I weigh 242.6, so a 41-pound difference.

Pretty big difference, I'd say.  I didn't realize the first pictures were so dark until now.

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