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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Don’t know why I haven’t blogged in a while.  I forget.  Honestly, I’ve been pretty down.  Why am I blogging today?  I actually feel a little hope.

I was being so strict – doing my best to follow my plan and…nothing.  I felt better in some ways, but no weight loss to speak of.  I honestly do not think it is a problem with the plan.  I went back to Wheat Belly to look up a couple of things about supplements and read (again) what he said about thyroid problems.  Wheat consumption can cause thyroid problems.  People often have thyroid issues even if it doesn’t show up on the blood tests doctors do (because they don’t do all the tests they should).  The Wheat Belly author says if you do not lose your weight by removing wheat from your diet, you probably have a thyroid problem.  My functional medicine doctor and chiropractors have told me I have low thyroid (by other tests).  The symptoms fit.  My energy has been at its lowest ebb lately.

I ran across a supplement blend on called “Thyroid Support.”  I knew I do not have Hashimoto’s or any autoimmune problem with my thyroid that would be contraindicative of taking the supplement, so I ordered it.  I have only been taking it for 3 days, so I am not sure, but I fancy I am feeling a little better.  I actually had some motivation to do some things today.

That led to these thoughts.  I have all my life (it seems) felt so much self-criticism about my weight and the fact that I cannot seem to overcome in this area.  There are many people in my life who have reinforced those feelings (especially my husband -- now my ex-husband).  I have always felt there is something really wrong with me.  When I read Wheat Belly and the author gave an explanation of why it is difficult – almost impossible – for some people to lose weight when eating wheat, I felt vindicated.  And I worked really hard to remove wheat and grains from my diet (wheat all the time, grains most of the time).  And I lost weight and my headaches I had had for years vastly improved.  But then it seemed like I stopped improving and wasn’t losing weight (although headaches were improved the majority of the time).  And I started falling off plan too often, although I think I tended to fall off plan because I was not seeing results more than the other way around.  Then I got to thinking of the thyroid issue.

What if that has also been a problem all along?  That would explain so much.  So, the fact that I am feeling a bit better (it seems) after 3 days on this supplement is making me wonder.  I actually feel a little hope that I can get better.

I have been really bad the last two or three weekends.  During the week nothing I “can” eat has sounded good.  I have had no energy or motivation to cook and I have taken the easy way out.  I usually fix breakfast, but for lunch I would often eat nuts or some peanut butter on an apple or something like that.  I was always wanting something sweet and sometimes for dinner I would come home and make me some ice cream, of sorts, made from frozen blackberries, cream, almond milk, and an approved sweetener.  Perfectly legal on my plan, but that is not the best day’s eating.  Proteins just did not sound good to me -- at least not the kinds I can eat, or in the manner I can eat them (a hamburger sounds great, but...).  On the weekends I would tell myself I could splurge and have something sweet – but it often turned into way too many sweets.  And last week I did it more than just the weekend, although it might just be a milkshake for dinner (as in that was my dinner).  This weekend was bad.

I know I have gained weight lately, although I haven’t gotten on the scale.  After feeling a little better today, I decided on this for the next week.  I’m going to allow myself a few more carbs than normal, although not grains (except possibly a little rice) and not sugar.  I made a pot of beans today and some potato salad.  I also bought some sweet potatoes.  Just a little bit of carb with my meat and vegetable sounds so much more appealing.  I feel like getting on a little more “regular” diet, even with a few more carbs than I need, is better than what I have been doing, especially this weekend.  And if I continue to feel better, I know that will motivate me to do the preparation that needs to be done to eat like I know I need to.  I actually did a little cooking today, so I feel somewhat prepared for the week.  I also bought some fruit – a watermelon, some cantaloupe, strawberries, cherries and apples.  That helps with the sugar cravings.  I just need to partake of it in moderation.  Real peanut butter (without all the added sugar) on an apple is actually a very good snack.  I also bought the stuff to make some grain-free granola, so once I get it mixed up, that will be another option for breakfast that breaks up the monotony of always having eggs with some kind of breakfast meat.

There are more things I need to do to truly be following the recommended lifestyle in the Wheat Belly books, but hopefully if I continue to feel better, I can put more and more of those things into practice.

Why am I so big on the Wheat Belly lifestyle?  It is the only thing that has ever made my headaches go away.  So I know there has to be truth to it.  The author is a cardiologist, not some crackpot.  It made a huge improvement in my life, so I tend to believe what he says.  I need to do more with the things that improve gut bacteria, and I need to eat more organically, and those are things I plan to incorporate in as I get going again.  Part of the reason I haven’t gone more organic is because of cost, but I am working on that.

Anyway, here’s hoping this thyroid thing is really an answer and this supplement really does improve that situation.  A part of the reason I have been so down is I am spending too much time alone, but I have had no energy or motivation to get out and do anything about it because of my total lack of energy (not to mention pain issues, which are always there).
There is one thing that brings a smile to my face, and that's this little love.  Oh how I love this boy...!

Over and out.

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