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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Bacon Tacos and Staying Focused

So far, so good on my eating today.  It's been one of those days where nothing seems to be going right in other ways -- had to go to the courthouse to take care of some vehicle business and the department I needed ended up being closed for employee training; then I had to make some copies of documents for my boss and the copier kept jamming, so it took three times longer than it should have because I kept having to clear the jam.  Finally had to call service and use another copier.

My daughter begged off on cooking breakfast today.  It's not really a big deal to make my own.  I had two small sausage patties and this time 3 over-easy eggs.  I have always only ever had 2 eggs at a time, but this did seem to hold me better than the last couple of days.  I don't know if I will do that every day, but I went to bed kind of hungry last night.  I have not been eating that much meat the last few days.  I might need to up that a little to help with my hunger.

For lunch, I made this -- Bacon Caprese Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms:

They were really good -- kind of tasted like pizza -- but I will say this about the recipe.  The package of portobellos I got had one kind of flat one and one kind of thick one in it.  I liked the flat one much better.  So unless mushrooms are your absolute favorite thing, I would choose "flat" ones for this recipe.  The flavors were much more balanced that way.  Anyway, I had most of two of these, a side salad and a little container of mixed fruit for lunch.  I felt plenty full.

Today is the 22nd anniversary of losing my mother.  I cannot believe it has been that long.  We lost her way too soon, and it always makes Mother's Day very bittersweet.  Tomorrow would have been my Dad's 85th birthday, too, so that always factored into our thoughts after my Mama died.  I was 34 years old when she died.  It took us very much by surprise at the time, even though she had cancer.  She was actually in remission, but they decided to do one more treatment for good measure (she wanted to do that), and she was just too weak to take it.  So she died from the chemo.  When she had her treatments, I always left her alone for a few days to give her time to bounce back (she felt so sick after them), and I always regretted that because after she had that one, I never got to talk to her again (where she was in a state to understand me).  I miss her so much.


I had tacos for dinner.  This was what  my taco shell was like:

Except it wasn't that neat.  My daughter actually did it for me because she got home earlier than me and I had to go to the store after work.  I probably better read the instructions again, but I also got impatient because I was hungry and it was taking a long time.  :)  Anyway, she made me two bacon taco shells, which I filled with taco meat, shredded lettuce, pico de gallo, grated cheese, a little guacamole and a little salsa.  It tasted good, of course.  But I can only eat one of those tacos.  So I had one bacon taco.  I was hungry before it got ready, so I ate a serving of pistachios before my bacon got ready.  I packaged the other taco up and will take it for lunch tomorrow.  Guess that upped my meat intake a little bit.

I know this all sounds very decadent, but I am not supposed to worry about eating too much fat or  too much protein, as long as I am paying attention to hunger and keeping my carb levels low.  I know low fat/higher carb had stopped working for me (and I have read much about why that is not healthy).  I would follow the low fat plan to the letter for weeks and not lose a pound.  I am still kind of learning this method, but this has worked better for me since I stopped eating grains and sugar.

I had a little bit of a headache today.  I know, almost without doubt, that I have not had any wheat.  It could be a couple of things.  I could be dehydrated.  Magnesium may help (my functional medicine doctor wants me taking plenty of magnesium when I have headaches).  It could be from dairy, although I have not seen any proof that dairy causes me any problems.  I will start by drinking more water and taking my magnesium.  If that does not help, I will see if cutting back on dairy helps.

Pain has been moderate.  The kind that I cope with, but it keeps me from doing much more than I do right now.  It has definitely been worse in the past, but it is enough that it affects how I live my daily life.  I think my "strict" adherence to my eating plan is helping my allover pain, but it is going to take more weight loss to improve the back issues enough to be able to be more active in my daily life.  I need to try to do more stretching to see if that helps.

That's how it's going.  I am doing my best to stay focused.  My goal tomorrow -- a little more water.  Didn't drink enough today.  (I'll go get some now.)  Over and out.

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