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Monday, August 15, 2016

Low Blood Sugar - Time to Call It Quits

Well, I hope I don't regret this.  I took my blood sugar last night and it was pretty low (51).  I took it again this afternoon to make sure it wasn't just an inaccurate measurement, and it was 52.  I have not felt bad -- dizzy or anything like that -- but I read a fast heartbeat was a symptom of low blood sugar and I have had that the last couple of days (at random times), so I decided to drink a little juice today.  I had about 1/3 cup -- hopefully enough to boost my blood sugar, but not so much that it brings on hunger pangs.  If that works, I will have about that much every day until I am done.  I think if I am saying that I am going to listen to my body about when to "quit," then I should probably pay attention to this.  If it were in the 60's, like it was before I went on vacation, I would be okay with that.  But 51 seemed pretty low, and with the added symptom, I thought this to be the best option.  I did not find information about this in my book, and I know any medical person I talked to would probably have a cow about my fasting in the first place, so there wasn't anyone to ask.  I could probably ask my functional medicine doctor, but I haven't seen her in almost a year.

I went to church today!  I went to both class (I love this Sunday school class) and service.  It felt right.  I believe I can make some good friends in this group.  They do a lot of "extracurricular" activities, and that gives me even more of a chance to build relationships.  Soon I will start going to choir, too, and that will be another opportunity to form relationships.  I haven't talked about singing in a long time, I don't think, but I am a pretty good singer.  Good enough to have been chosen to sing in the Dallas Symphony Chorus for a Christmas season, which only happens by audition.  One of the reasons I chose this church is because of the large singles ministry for adults over 40 (my class is large and full of single people around my age) and I know it will provide an opportunity for me to sing again.  I loved the services at my old church, but I just didn't fit in there very well musically, since they typically sing a much more "modern" style music (plus it is pretty far away and I just never got to know people there).  My voice is more traditional -- can be almost operatic if I choose to sing that way -- and I will fit in with the choir at this church much better.  Not to mention special productions, possibly worship team and even solos.  We will see. But I will enjoy just singing in the choir and being involved in the special productions, even if I don't do the other.  (I have always been chosen for those kinds of things in the past.)  However God wants to use me is fine.  Not using my music has left a kind of empty place for quite a while, but I was so down physically, it was just too hard.  I have faith that I am truly on the mend since doing this fast.  This church also has the fundamental beliefs and practices I believe in.  I would not choose a church just for the choir or the singles ministry.

I have the sniffles today.  Don't know if it is allergies from the weather, or a symptom of the fast.

I still feel great, and did pretty well at church today.  One reason I did not go for so long is the campus is large and you have to do some stairs to get from one place to the next.  (There is probably a way around that, but the most direct route requires me to take a few stairs.)  I found out I can valet park, so that helps cut down on the walking if I need it.  I had one little spot of pain in my back during the service, but it never got bad.  I had some stiffness when standing up after class, but we were up and down enough during the service that I did not then.  I feel fine now that I am home.  I don't know that this has cured all my back problems, but it has certainly helped.  And it gives me hope that more weight loss will help even more.

As I suspected, the juice made me hungry.  I held it off for a while.  I took my blood sugar again and it only raised it 2 points to 54.  I decided it was time to call this one quits.  So I think I am done with fasting for a while.  If I feel more symptoms that need to be dealt with, I may do another shorter one in a month or so, but I am going to see how I do from here on out with eating the way I know to eat.

I did eat a baked potato tonight after I decided I was done.  I felt that since I had only been going 8 days this time, I did not have to baby my stomach quite so much.  We will see if I regret that, but so far I feel fine (although full).  Last time just the orange juice started some things, but this time it did not.

Now I will need to go ahead and get some more groceries so I can get started sooner than expected.

I'm trying to keep away any feelings of failure.  All along I said I was going to listen to my body, and although I was not hungry, I felt that blood sugar that low might not be a good thing.  So even though I did not go as long as I planned, I did what I said in that I listened to my body and quit when I felt I should.


Well, I did regret what I ate last night.  It was a night of being up and down with purging.  I took it easier this morning and had juice and some watermelon.  For lunch I had some salad.  Tonight was a night of getting some of my cravings out of my system before I get really focused.  With my blood sugar so low, I did not mind eating more carbs than I normally eat.  I ate some corn tortilla chips and guacamole, and then was going to have some pimento cheese on some paleo bread, but ended up eating only a few bites because I got too full.  I also bought some potato salad, but got it home before I saw it had wheat in it.  Why in the heck would you put wheat in potato salad?  I will make some of my own for a carbier day soon.

A friend told me she was worried about me fasting because of some issues her mother is having.  Her mother has been chronically undereating for years (after a gastric bypass) and lives on bites of food and wine.  I read about that in the main book I was reading.  That can definitely bring on malnutrition and can kill you if it continues long enough.  You do not get the benefits of resting your system when you are under-eating so that your body can focus on healing itself, and your body is trying to get what it needs from the little bit of food you are eating and it cannot do it.  Especially if you eat one type of food all the time.  Her liver enzymes are all messed up.  When your body lives off its stores, those stores have all the nutrients you need.  Your body saves them for times when food is scarce, illness, etc.  As long as you don't fast so long (until all your stores are gone) and move into starvation, fasting is healing, not something that makes you sick.  She wanted me to go get some blood tests, and since I am due for a checkup, I told her I would do that.  I fully expect them to be in good shape.  They had an opening tomorrow, so I will find out quickly.

This post is getting long, so I will close.  I am looking forward to moving on to eating like I will do for here on out, and continuing weight loss.  I bought a bunch of groceries tonight and will start some cooking tomorrow.


I see I never posted about the results of my blood tests.  My numbers were all in the normal range and I was honest with my doctor about what I had been doing.  She seemed quite interested (in a positive way).  She could tell how much more energy I had than before and my numbers proved the things I have been saying about fasting being good for you.

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