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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Let's Get This Done

My lower back is feeling a bit better this morning.  I am hopeful I will get back to where I was while on vacation.  I think I probably did pull something out of place when crossing my legs several times in the car.

As for my upper back, I can tell it will start hurting pretty readily, so I am trying to vary what I am doing and not spend hour after uninterrupted hour at my computer.  We are getting ready to change desks because of the renovation of our offices, so I am up boxing up stuff (but not carrying the boxes), walking around, etc.  While at my desk I am trying to lean back into the support and not do any hunching over or that kind of thing.  I added extensions to the thing my monitor sits on so it is a little higher.  (That seemed to help me not hurt as much today.) When we get our new desks, they can be raised and lowered so we can stand up and type if we want to.  I don’t know if that will help my upper back or not, but I will give it a try.  I am pretty sure my computer will be raised up higher than where it is now, so that might help.  If I cannot get it under control, I will likely have to go to the doctor and possibly get an injection.  I can work (as in at work) with the lower back issue, but this upper back thing tends to get worse and worse, the more time I spend at my desk (unless I can work out the ergonomics that are making it hurt in the first place and do some strengthening to help).  I might need to do some physical therapy.  I would rather do that on my own if I can find the proper exercises.

I made it through last night without any more temptation.  I knew I would feel better if I just waited it out.  I still feel some hunger this morning, but it should settle down by tomorrow.  Still, I am looking forward to getting through this so I can get back to “normal” eating – at least what will be normal for me.  During the last few days I will start making menus and possibly cook up some things to put in the freezer.

I should check my blood sugar tomorrow.  It had gotten very low (63) before breaking my fast.  I read that is expected and fine (though going below 60 I think is too low).  I will be interested to see if I can eat a few more “carby” foods than I could before the fast without my blood sugar being raised too much.  I would have to eat them in very small quantities until weight loss is complete and then could eat them a little more moderately; things like sweet potatoes, winter squash, peas, possibly some whole corn (not corn meal), some beans, etc., and maybe a small portion of white potato once a week (potato salad!  Lol).

Once my energy switches back on again (assuming it will be like before), I want to start working on some housekeeping habits.  If I can feel like I did last week on an ongoing basis, I know so many things will improve – because I feel like doing them.  Not just keeping house, but getting out and enjoying myself, making friends, getting back in with a church group, etc.  I have been so without energy the last many years, along with all the pain issues, it has made my reclusive tendencies much worse.  The energy is not as great right now because I am still going through the hunger stage, but I still feel much better than I did before beginning the fast.  And even at that level was much better than it was before I made the dietary changes (no wheat or grains, etc.).  For years I was doing well just to get through my work days.  I am so very glad I discovered this tool of restoring health.  You would never expect it to make so much difference.


I'm home from work now and the day went pretty well.  Not much temptation, even when picking up some Whataburger for my daughter, who was home sick today.  My upper back never got out of hand, and the lower back was improved.  I should start feeling really good tomorrow.  My plan starting tomorrow is to do 15-17 more days.  That would be the same as doing 42 days straight as far as giving my body the opportunity to take care of stuff once I have switched to fat burning.  I am ready to get these done and see how I am doing by then.  That will actually be 45 days, but I had to make up some lost ground for the break I took on vacation.  (The break only delayed the ultimate good; it did not erase any of it.)  Let's get this done.

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