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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Glimpses of a "New" Person

I got home from vacation yesterday.  I felt amazingly well the whole time I was gone.  I got home and before even going into the apartment, we just switched my stuff over from my sister's car to mine and I went and ran a couple of errands.  I didn't want to get my dog all excited and then leave.

I had quite a bit of money left over from what I had saved and what we spent.  I have never finished decorating my apartment from when we moved in December, so I wanted to get some things to finish out the living area.  I don't know if I will keep them all, and there may be something else I decide I want to add to it besides what I got, but it should be well on its way to being done.  We need to paint another wall first.  Then I stopped and got me some tacos from this place my daughter really likes.  My plan was to finish out Saturday as a vacation day, as far as eating was concerned, and then start up and finish my fast beginning today, and that is what I have done so far.  Fasting does not scare me anymore.

I actually had much more energy before breaking my fast than I did after I started eating again.  But even then, I still had way more energy than I did before I fasted.  I know there are still some pain issues that were yet to be dealt with, so I wanted to get it done before too much backtracking was done.  I figure it will take me about 3 days to clean out again and get over any hunger, and then I will be processing toxins (whatever might be left from before fasting) and my body can continue to work on areas that were not "done" yet.  I figure I will do about 15 more days after that (depending on what my body tells me).

I did wake up in some pain this morning.  At least when I stood up.  My back was hurting more.  I do not know if it is the way I sleep in my bed, my mattress -- I'm thinking not, since it is a tempurapedic type -- or just all the hours in the car on vacation catching up with me.  Or if it had to do with eating too soon and the work not being done yet.  I did eat some sugar last night, knowing I was not going to eat today and it would be cleaned out quickly -- so it could have been the effects of eating that and the corn products I have eaten the last couple of days.  I don't know -- I just know I want to finish and make sure I get all the benefit I need from the fast.  People have expressed a worry that I will take to doing this fairly often.  No, that is not the plan, other than a day here and there to keep things cleaned out and rested.  I just want to give the longer fast its chance to work and if there are things left that need to be dealt with, I will know that they are going to require a doctor's work -- like back surgery or something like that.  I will eat more cleanly when I break it this time (for instance, I ate potatoes every day and corn products when I ate Mexican food, etc.).  I do not plan to do that on a regular basis when I am not on vacation.  I just wanted to be able to enjoy those few days in ways I normally don't eat, but not with wheat, obviously.

I came back from vacation feeling like almost a different person than left a week ago Saturday.  I know that when I am free from pain, I am a much different person.  I had energy and I wanted to get out and do things.  I could walk and climb stairs.  There is still some strengthening to do, but that will come.  I am looking forward to the future.  I do not feel like the woman that was struggling through my days a few short weeks ago.  I pray it continues to improve.


 It got a little tough this evening.  I started thinking about eating something tonight and "starting tomorrow" instead.  But I know if I give in to that, it will be easier to do the same thing tomorrow.  So I didn't.  I have had some increased "just sitting here" pain this evening that feels like when you are detoxing.  So I already had some stuff to be worked out of me that is causing some pain as it leaves me.  A little headachy and achy all over, but particularly through the hip area.  That could be some inflammation from the grains I ate (corn and a little rice) or the sugar yesterday.  That is why they warn you about reintroducing grains.  Your reaction to them often increases once you have been off of them.  I tried, when we were eating out on vacation, to choose places that had house made recipes (instead of frozen or canned stuff, etc.) and we did pretty well at that, but the grains and the sugar yesterday likely had their effect.

One thing that made me want to get right back to it is I didn't want to have to go buy a bunch of groceries and try to get ready for the week with just one day back.  I can do that gradually when I get close to the time I am going to eat regularly again.  So, I am pretty sure now, I will make it through Day 2.1 (second fast, first day).

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