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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Day 25

Day 25 ended up being my last day.  I gave it a lot of thought throughout the day and I just felt done.  Ready to stop.  So I decided to stop, knowing I could I start another fast if I needed to.  So I had my sister take me to a store and bought me some orange juice and some watermelon chunks.  She cheered and took a picture of me eating my first bite of food, lol.  I think she was worrying about me (but I knew what I was doing was good).  It definitely felt good to eat, but more in mind than in my body.  I had some, shall we say, digestive difficulties during the evening after I ate.  It seemed to move whatever was in my colon on down and out.  Yes, there was still stuff in there.  I have no idea if it was food or other stuff my body was getting rid of.  Then what I ate passed through me quickly by morning.

I got up with a little back pain.  Very little, but some.  But I have been so much more active the last few days on the trip, I knew it could be sore muscles and that kind of thing.  My knees are kind of sore and I know that is from all the stair climbing I did on Tuesday (more about that in a bit).

I had fruit and watermelon again for breakfast and felt good.  A little purging, but my stomach was feeling good and not sick.  We went on another vacation excursion and decided we would wait until afterwards to eat in case it brought on some more purging.  We ended up not eating until around 3:30 or 4:00.  I had eaten breakfast at around 9:00 a.m.  I was feeling kind of weak from hunger by that time.  You see, my body had been feeding on my fat stores up until I ate, so it had a constant food supply.  Once I ate, it switched back over to using the food I was eating for fuel and in that length of time, the juice and watermelon did not last.

We stopped at this little mom and pop cafĂ© on the way back.  Most everything appeared to be homemade, which was good.  I decided to have a baked potato and some salad and see how I did (I was really wanting solid food).  I made my own salad from a salad bar and piled it on a little much.  (There was some beef vegetable stew on the salad bar I wanted very much, but I asked and it had wheat in it, so I had to pass on that.)  I ate every bite of the salad before the baked potato came.  (As a side note, I have never liked raw tomatoes.  I have always wanted to like them and would try them off and on, but just never did.  I decided to try some since my taste buds were kind of reawakened after the fast.  My sister said to try the red cherry tomatoes -- those are the best -- so I did.  It tasted really good!)  Anyway, my baked potato got there and I got it all fixed and ate a few bites and was done.  I was just too full.  I should have eaten about half the salad I got from the salad bar.  I took the rest of the baked potato to go and had it later in the evening.

I was expecting to have to stop on the way back to the cabin.  We were an hour or so away where we ate.  But I did fine.  No purging happening the whole way back.

We spent the evening resting, talking and packing.  We have to be out by 10:00 a.m. on Thursday and if you are late, you get charged $100.  So we packed overnight bags for the next leg of our trip and put all of the major stuff in the car tonight.  As I said, I finished my baked potato and ate a little watermelon to finish out the day.

Now it is 2:23 a.m. and I cannot drop off to sleep for some reason.  I am wide awake.  To be honest, I am having some sciatica twinges.  Don't know if it is the eating or just would have happened anyway.  Anyway, I have a feeling I will start a shorter fast in the not-too-distant future to finish up some more work that needs to be done.  I also am having less energy since I ate.  Weird, but true.  I was really tired when I went to bed, but I can't seem to go to sleep.  The pain is not enough to keep me awake; I just cannot seem to drop off.

Now for vacation news.  Tuesday we drove from the cabin to Asheville, NC to see the Biltmore Estate (built by George Vanderbilt).  It was spectacular.  Walking through the whole "house" is a lot of walking and I climbed and descended many flights of stairs.  I did really well -- no pain in the doing it.  I took the stairs slow, and if I didn't have something to hang onto on both sides, I would take one step at a time and bring the next foot down.  If I had something to hold onto, I would step down as a "normal" person would. I was tired and I didn't want my left knee to give out.  It was pouring down rain when we got through and so we couldn't walk through the gardens.  We could see them somewhat on the exit drive, so that was good.  The estate was amazing.  The part I found most interesting was the service quarters and kitchen area, etc.  I don't know why.  Maybe because I would have been part of that "class" of people than the Vanderbilts who owned the estate.  The service areas were in the basement and there were three stories of living space above.  They had dumbwaiters to move the food, etc. to the upper floors.  I will get my pictures together and share some when I get home.

Today's trip was to Greeneville, TN to see Andrew Johnson's Historic Home, etc.  I learned a lot of things I did not know about him and other than him owning slaves (whom he freed in 1863, before the Emancipation Proclamation), I very much agreed with most of his politics.  He strongly defended the Constitution, states' rights and limited government.  His then-freed slaves stayed with him until he died, and he paid them wages after freeing them.  He could have been a much more effective President if the Congress had not opposed him at every turn.  When he returned to Greeneville after his term, he tried very hard to blend back in with his neighbors in Greeneville.  His home was modest.  He did not want to live in a manner "above" what his neighbors did.  For instance, he refused to add water closets to the home because his neighbors did not have them.  He is the only President who returned to politics after his term as President.  A few years later, he ran and was elected as a senator in Tennessee.  It was very interesting!!

Tomorrow we are headed back to Nashville to see more of that city.  After seeing some sights in Nashville, we were going to go another couple of hours' drive to Paducah, KY on the way to our next stop, but realized we would be just a few miles from the Illinois state line, so we booked a hotel in Metropolis, IL so we can add one more state to our list of states visited.  (I had only visited 8 states before this trip.  I am adding 4 more with this trip.)  Our destination Friday is Mansfield, Missouri, where we will see the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum.  My sisters and I all loved her books growing up and have always wanted to do that.  Then, Saturday, we are headed back to Dallas.  Phew!  It has actually been quite a relaxing vacation.  We have enjoyed the beautiful scenery and talking and laughing together in the miles we have driven.  It has been much more relaxing than my trip to New York last year, although that was a trip of a lifetime for me.

As I said, I will share some pictures when I get home and can get them organized.  Just needed to get some thoughts down since I am up.  I'm going to post this and see if I can go to sleep.

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