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Sunday, July 17, 2016

I'm Still Here

Well, it's been a while.  Not sure why I have not been blogging.  I certainly have not given up.  My weight right now is near the lowest I have gotten in years.  But I seem to be stalled.  I have done so much studying, beginning with Wheat Belly and branching out from there.  I knew there were still things blocking my weight loss.  Hormonal things; belly issues (microbiome, leaky gut, etc.).  All my reading led me to this the last few days.  I need to fast.  I know this will be controversial to a lot of you, but I believe strongly that it is the path I needed to take.  I started reading online and came upon two books that I have learned from.  I haven't figured out how to attach a pdf, so if you are interested, give me a shout and I will send them to you.

For me, the fasting is not about weight loss; it is about the things that are blocking weight loss.  It is also about healing up the pain issues which are still dominating my life.  The back problems are all but crippling and I either have to get to a weight that helps the pain, or be at a weight where I can have surgery that helps the pain.  At the weight I have been at, there was nothing I could do except take pain medicine or get injections (which I have not done this year because they come in at about $2,000 each).  After all my reading, I am hopeful that the fasting will be very beneficial to my back problems.

Unlike you may hear, fasting is very safe and it is one of the best things you can do for your body until you get to the point where hunger returns.  Your body uses your reserves (consisting of fat and unnecessary tissues -- scars, tumors, possibly even bone spurs) for fuel.  I do not want to share at this point where I am in the fast, but will when I am positive of the improvements.  I have lost weight, of course, but it's the other things that motivate me.

Speaking of pain issues, it is mostly the back stuff that bothers me, but I have developed an upper back problem as well as a lot of pain in my right arm, both elbows, wrists and hands.  At work I am highly functional.  I have to be -- it has been so busy!!  But when I get home there is nothing left and I am barely getting around at times.  I do not feel like cooking, which causes me to take the "easy way" out on what I am eating.  I have had some accidental exposures to wheat and that makes the headaches come back, lasting for about a month with each exposure.  That makes me want to be in control of what is going into my food, so I don't eat out much.  But when you have no energy to cook, that makes it very difficult.  I have not really been living, just existing.  Some things have improved, but those that haven't are dominating my life.  I have been totally grain and sugar free for at least two months before the fast (except I ate a little sugar the night before I began the fast) and wheat free since April 2015.

My wrists and hands are better, I am noticing today.  I am still going through some of the detoxing issues that come from fasting, so that causes some discomfort, at times.  But those will pass.  I do not know how long I will fast; I am letting my body tell me.  I will know when it is time to eat.  I think by then I will feel better and have a new attitude toward food so cooking will be more appealing.  I already have so much more energy.  Fasting lets your body rest from the biggest job it has -- digestion.  Especially if you overeat.  It allows your body to turn to other things, such as healing and strengthening weak areas.  I have more energy now than when I was eating.  I know I am on the right path.

I will likely regain some weight when I am done, but that is okay.  Hopefully the things that are blocking weight loss will have reset and as long as I eat as I am supposed to, I will continue losing weight.  If I did not know I could do that, I don't think I would have done this.  But already being wheat- and sugar-free I think helped make beginning the fast a lot easier and, of course, that will continue when I eat again.

There are many motivations for this, but one big one is coming in October.  I am going to be a grandma!  I have always wanted to be a big part of my grandchildren's lives when the time came, but I knew the way I had been feeling, I would barely be able to hold him when he is little bitty, much less chase him around when he gets bigger.  Yes, it's a boy!  His name will be James Carter and they are calling him Carter.  James is a long-running family name -- his father's name is James Thomas -- we call him Tom, and Tom's father's name is James and we call him Jim.  I am not sure about before that.  Anyway, I am very excited about that, but I want to be ready.  I have been wanting to make a baby afghan for him, and the wrist and hand pain has kept me from being able to do that.  Now I believe I can do it, so I have ordered my pattern and will be getting my yarn this week.

I am going on vacation in two weeks.  I am taking a trip with my two sisters to Tennessee to see various sights there and on the way there.  It will be a long road trip, so that is another reason to have less pain.  I have not decided about the fast as it relates to vacation.  If I don't feel "done," I am going to continue, even on vacation.  The vacation was not going to be about food anyway, since I am pretty restricted on what I can eat already.  And that's okay.  I am going to enjoy the other aspects of the trip, including time with my sisters.  If I am still fasting then, I will try to find other things to do while they are eating their meals.  It depends on how much watching them eat bothers me.  So far, it has not.   Pain is a biiiiiiig motivator.  And it is really true -- after the first 3-4 days, your hunger shuts off.

That's all for now.  I am working very hard on my weight and my health.  It's not like I can give up.  Life would be unbearable if I went back to my old ways.

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