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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Day 18

It is interesting to me how different I can feel from one day to the next during this fast.

One thing that does not change is that energy-wise I feel great, and the allover pain I had chronically is gone.  I do have localized pain.  It remains to be seen if the fast will help those things enough without medical intervention (as in back surgery or some kind of treatment for my upper back).  The problems in my lower back are/were severe, so it would be pretty miraculous if the sources of that pain are healed up.  Of course, weight loss will help.

Anyway, back to the difference in the way I feel day to day.  My "complaint" during the last week has been upper back pain.  That has been pretty severe.  I do not know if that relates to work being done through the fast or just because it is that bad in that area of my spine.  I do think overwork plays a part.  But even pain med did not keep it in check.  That seems to be doing some better (at least pain meds keep it in control), but last night I could not go to sleep because of sciatic pain running through my hip.  That is not a problem I have been having.  I have the everyday pain that runs down the backs of both legs, affects my hips and thighs where walking feels like I am walking through deep snow or something, but not the sharper "electric" pain of sciatica when it gets bad.  I tried every which way to get comfortable enough to go to sleep, adjusting my bed (I have one that you can raise and lower the head and foot of the bed), etc., but the only way I got to sleep was to sleep in my recliner.  I woke up in the early morning hours (with one "large" Yorkie and one large kitty cat in my lap) and decided to try the bed again.  Nope -- there came the pain again and I could not go to sleep, so I moved back to the chair.  I have been feeling different kinds of pain in the lower back during this fast -- it comes and goes -- so I have to think this is due to work being done on diseased tissue because of the fast.  I don't know, we will see.  But I hope I do not have nights like this on my vacation (and I sure hope there is a recliner in our cabin, in case I need one!).  I will not have the benefit of my tempurapedic mattress or my adjustable bed (although I am taking bolsters that help with that).

Then, as I was leaving for work, I noticed that walking seemed almost normal.  Go figure.


I'm home from work now and as soon as I changed clothes and was getting things ready so I could settle down a while, the pain starts shooting through my hip again.  I sure hope this is fast-related and that it will settle down soon.  It just seems weird that it is starting up right now.

I'm feeling my less than stellar sleep -- I can barely keep my eyes open.

This is day 18 and there has really been no temptation to eat.  The only time I really think about it is when I smell food (and it usually smells mighty good to me), but I just tell myself I can have something like that later and focus on the benefits of the fast.

We have been trying to decide where to stay when we go through Memphis on our trip.  My boss always stays at The Peabody and I have wanted to do that.  My sisters have wanted to keep things less expensive so I decided since I will not have to be spending money on food, I have enough extra where I could pay the difference of what The Peabody costs and somewhere else (it's just one night).  Turns out, through one of those websites like TripAdvisor or something like that, I was able to get a double room for $219!  So I won't have to pay much extra and my sisters are thrilled about getting to stay there too.

That's about it.  I'm going to get this posted before I nod off to sleep.

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