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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Day 12 - Upper Back Problems

Today has been a little tough, in one way.  This place in my upper back is hurting pretty badly so that, at times, I feel like I cannot sit another minute at my desk at work.  I am still feeling that way even after medication and a pain patch (which uses capsaicin - the thing that makes peppers hot - as its active ingredient).  A heating pad might help, but what would help the most would be to get away from my desk and rest.  I have been working altogether too much lately, always working through my lunch so I am at my desk AT LEAST 9-10 hours per day without much break.  There is just so much to do and, to me, it is better than staying late (although sometimes I still have to do that, too).  At least I will have a week off soon.  Hopefully there is work being done on my back through the fast, but if it continues, I am going to have to go to the doctor for it.  It is that painful.

I did not drop any weight this morning, but I am extremely thirsty today and retaining water (puffy).  Probably toxins being dealt with.  Whether it showed up on the scale this morning, I did the work.

Otherwise I am feeling very good -- mood is good, energy is good (although feeling a little sleepy this afternoon).  Sometimes food smells really good to me, but no temptation to break the fast.


I left work at 5:30 tonight instead of my usual 6:00.  Need to get away from the desk.

My thoughts try to turn to food a little more than they did at first, but I deliberately turn them away.  Today I had to deliberately think about something else a couple of times to do that.  I'm not stomach hungry, though.  It's just cravings.

I don't have much on my mind except to feel better.  Hopefully this upper back thing will clear up soon.  If I knew I was going to hurt tomorrow as much as I did today, I would call in.  It hurts.  We will see.

Going to take a hot bath and see if that will relax my muscles a bit.  I don't want to take muscle relaxants right now because they can have a stronger effect when fasting.  Plus I want to get away from taking pharmaceuticals all the time.  If pain levels continue to drop (they have, except the upper back), I want to start halving my dose of pain med.

That's it.  More tomorrow.

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