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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Must Keep Going

It’s a rough day, in more ways than one.

I am discouraged.  I think I am discouraged because I am not seeing much results yet, especially as it relates to weight loss and blood sugar/insulin resistance (which is one of the things that can block weight loss).

I just did a little research on insulin resistance and healing it naturally.  Mostly I wanted to know how long I could expect it to take.  I finally found something that said it should take 2-3 months, and that is if your problem is not hard-core.  I think mine is pretty hard-core.  So, as I suspected, the fact that I am not seeing much in the way of results yet does not necessarily mean I am not making progress.  I was having thoughts today of eating things I knew would not help my progress any, and to just let things ride (except where wheat is concerned) until I go to the functional medicine doctor on July 2.  But I really do believe my body has to be healing up.  It is just going to take more time.  And lapses like I had Sunday (a lot of sugar) will only slow it down.  So I am staying with the program.

Because of not feeling well after the weekend, I decided to buy some Snap Meals, which are healthy, take-out meals that meet whatever criteria you choose – gluten free, low-carb, etc.  I made up salads for lunch for the last 2 days (salad greens, bell pepper, broccoli, carrots,  bacon, some pecorino romano, sunflower seeds, avocado, and – this will sound weird – some chopped up raw potato with blue cheese vinaigrette).  The potato was at the suggestion of Dr. Davis in Wheat Belly.  One of the supplements he has you take is a probiotic because wheat destroys your healthy bowel flora.  The raw potato is to feed that healthy bowel flora (because the fibers will not digest, stay in the intestine and ferment, and feed the good bacteria) so it can multiply.  You actually do not taste it in the salad and it adds a nice crunch, so I don’t mind doing that at all.  I want to get this working well in my body since I had such a bad time with constipation last week.  The Snap Meal last night was a small order of meatballs and peppers.  They are wheat/grain/gluten free.  The peppers were bell peppers sliced thinly and sautéed in some kind of a tomato-y sauce, as well as some poblano peppers, which were kind of spicy.  It was not great – would have been a lot better in a tortilla or something.  The meatballs were good, though.  I put a little cheddar over the top of the last bit of it and that helped it some.  I like my cooking better.  But it is good in a pinch.  Tonight I will be having salmon with roasted squash and carrots.  We will see how that goes.  I had the same type of salad for lunch.  Tomorrow is chicken with a chimichurri sauce.

I am still having more headaches than I would like.  I don’t know what is going on with that.  Hopefully the functional medicine doc can give me some insight.  Still eating cured meat, so that could be it.

Today has been a high pain day.  I told my co-worker (who is my backup and somewhat my supervisor) that I thought I might need to go home after I finished what I was working on.  She said she had thought she was going to do the same thing (she has a different kind of health issue).  So I told her I would stay.  It’s almost 5:30 and she is still here.

I have an appointment with the knee doctor tomorrow.  I have a number of things to talk to him about it.  The first is the knee injury from about a month ago.  It is not getting better and I think there is more going on there than he thought.  I figure there will need to be an MRI.  We will also talk about the other knee, which needs a knee replacement.  I want to find out if I am a candidate for partial knee replacement.  He does not do those, but a colleague in his group does, so I will talk to my doc about it tomorrow and then make an appointment with the other guy based on what he says and what is going on with the other knee.  I just need to get moving on SOMETHING – one knee or the other, or my back.  Since I cannot on my back right now, it will have to be one knee or the other.

I’m going to have find a way to get some exercise, so my plan is to get in the pool tomorrow evening close to dark.  I’m not really looking forward to parading around in my swimsuit, so I will do it then.  I have a cover up, and I might just go down on my scooter, which leaves me feeling a little less exposed.  Exercise is supposed to help with insulin resistance, so that is my thinking on that.  I dare not try the recumbent bike since I am already flared up.  Sigh.

My daughter and I are taking a test run over to the prospective new apartments on the train.  I want to see how much trouble it is, since it is something I would have to do every day.  I hope to be walking by then, but I will be doing it on the scooter today.  That’s the plan right after work.

My son-in-law and daughter are coming over so he can watch the basketball game and he is going to cook, so I guess the salmon will wait until tomorrow night.

Despite my frustration and my emotions (I feel near tears a lot about all the physical issues), I must keep going and do what I know to do to get better.  I try to visualize myself healthy and fit.

I’m going to call it a (work) day.  Have a good one.

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