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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

I Will Keep On Keeping On

Well, I got on the recumbent bike last night -- 5 minutes, no resistance.  I'm not sure what to think.  Did it hurt?  Yes.  And today I am feeling it.  I feel that twinge in the left shin that ended up being sciatica.  My knees are hurting more, too.  So, do I stop doing it because it is causing pain?  I don't know.  I know they will tell you that with knee pain, just because it hurts does not mean you should not do it, just make it low impact.  This was low impact, but I don't think I am your everyday person with knee pain.  I am not trying to make excuses.  I really want to do what will ultimately help me get better.  I know weight loss is the biggest part of that, but if an activity sets off pain that keeps me from getting around, interrupts my sleep, etc., I'm not sure that is beneficial.  Maybe I will try the pool or the hot tub and try to use mostly my arms and upper body and it will minimize any weight bearing.  I will talk to both my back and knee doctors about this at my next appointments.

Weight loss is very slow.  That is frustrating me.  Dr. Davis (author of Wheat Belly) advocates fasting as part of the healing process.  He doesn't mention really long fasts, just a day here, a couple of meals there, etc.  To quote:

  “Fasting can be one of the most powerful tools for regaining health: weight loss, reduction in blood pressure, improved insulin responses, longevity, as well as improvement in numerous health conditions.” 
Some days I feel as though I have bad stuff coming out of me and that is why there is increased pain.  I think some fasting here and there, and pushing the water, might help that along.  I fasted dinner one night through Noon the next day over the weekend.  I think I will try a little more as I get to the end of this pay period and am needing to go to the grocery store.  Right now, I have all the food I cooked for the coming week, and I need to eat it and not let it go bad (and it's really good!).  But right before it's time to go to the grocery store again, you are usually tired of what you have been having and running low on ingredients, so that would be a good time to fast a day.

I need to kick-start the weight loss.  Yes, I'm about 10 pounds down from where I started, but it is much more difficult to lose weight than it used to be.  I am sure it is all about healing up my body after the damage that has been done all my life, and that takes time.  I will keep on keeping on.

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