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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Happy Birthday to Me -- The Big Double-Nickel

Well, today I am 55 years old.  I hope for big changes in the coming year.  It has to get better….

I am now reading Wheat Belly Total Health, which is the follow-up book to Wheat Belly.  I am convinced I am on the right track.

I have to admit something.  I am having more headaches than I would like.  Most are much milder than they had been, but I am still having them too often.  Given that they have decreased greatly since removing wheat from my diet, I do not think the answer is that that was not the answer (or at least a huge part of it).  I have two theories as to why I am still having them as much as I am.  Dr. Davis makes it clear that it will take a while to reverse the negative effects of wheat consumption and the destruction it has had on your body.  I am a person who obviously had/has a lot of inflammation.  So I think it is likely that it will just take some time for this process to have its full effect.  The longer I do what I need to do, the more my body will heal, the more inflammation will decrease and the less headaches I will have.

The other theory, which could be part of the other one, is that there is another food I am eating that also contributes to headaches (which there is no dispute are caused by inflammation).  It could be dairy.  I may have to remove that from my diet if I am to become headache-free.  Or some other food, like cured meat (although I did not eat enough of that before now for that to be the life-long culprit).  I would like to fast a couple of days, at some point, and if this continues, I will add back suspected foods one at a time and see what effect they have.  In the meantime, maybe I will try a couple of days without dairy (when I do not have pre-prepared foods that contain it) and see how I feel.  I have a pretty intense headache today, compared to how it has been, and it could be something I ate last night.

I made a cheesecake for my birthday.  The recipe is from the Wheat Belly book.  It has no grain or gluten in it, so that is not it.  It does have a lot of dairy, though (cream cheese, sour cream).  Another culprit could be sucralose.  He says sucralose is not so damaging as other artificial sweeteners, such as aspartame and saccharine.  I have had better luck with it than with stevia on getting the taste to be pleasing, so that is what I used in the cheesecake.  I also am still drinking SF Monsters, which have sucralose.  Getting off of those is coming, but I wanted to get past my sugar withdrawal first.  One thing at a time.  Looking up sucralose, that may be the culprit.  So I may have to move up my getting off the Monsters and always use stevia instead of sucralose for a treat.  Now that I have gotten a degree of freedom from the headaches, when I do get one, it feels like more of an affront.  THEY ARE MOST UNWELCOME.

No changes on pain levels.  Not so much the bad sciatic pain today as the all-over fibromyalgia pain.  I don’t like that because I hurt more just sitting in the chair.  The other, at least it mostly hurts when I’m on my feet (unless it is getting really bad).  This afternoon has felt like a desperate search to ease pain.  I took my pain med.  Still hurting.  I feel all tight all over, so I took my muscle relaxant.  Still hurting.  I took an anti-inflammatory to help with inflammation.  We will see.  I just want to lay down and not have to think about it so much.  About an hour more and I can go home.  I am so over this.

I’m not doing anything special for my birthday, that I know of.  Maybe over the weekend.  My kids are low on money.  My boss was generous, as usual.  Honestly, I might use what he gave me to pay off the small remaining balance on a credit card.  I have a goal to get out of debt as soon as possible.  My son has been borrowing my car for a long time and I finally told him, why didn’t he just start making payments to buy it from me.  To tell you the truth, the way it is looking, I don’t want to drive it anyway.  I walk (or now scooter) to work, and I live with my daughter, so most places I need to go, we do together or I use her car.  I plan to use the payments my son makes to save up for a down payment on another car.  As soon as I have the other debts paid off, I will use that down payment and get me a car with the smallest payments possible.  Then I will try to pay it off as quickly as possible.  I don’t need a new one.  I don’t drive much; I just need one I can depend on when I do need one.  Anyway, putting the BD money toward the cc balance will free up the $50 a month I have been paying on it to put toward paying down another balance.

Another motivation for me to get out of debt:  Ultimately, I want to eat organic foods only.  Right now, I find them more expensive than I can handle with my current financial status.  When I am out of debt, I will have plenty to work with and intend to go fully organic at that time.  The pesticides and chemicals I am exposed to could also be part of the lingering headaches.  We have paid a high price for civilization.  Not that it is all bad.  But it is not all good, either.  All I know is, I want to do everything I can to feel better.

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