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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Cooking, Cleaning and Resting

I have a pretty moderate headache today after my not-so-stellar-eating day yesterday.  No wheat that I know of, but since I was caught out and about, I ate things I normally would not.  I say that.  I am eating too much sugar, on occasion, and that's because I have been feeling like it won't matter until I get this thyroid thing checked out.  But it does mess with healing my insulin resistance, so I need to stop that.  I go to the doctor this week, so definitely time to shape up and get it together on that end.

I didn't go to bed until almost 2:00 last night.  I don't know why; I just felt like I wouldn't be able to drop off to sleep if I tried, so I kept doing stuff.  I was giving my dog a little haircut at 1:30 in the morning because I had tried to lay down at that point and he kept chewing on an area on his hip (and has been very several days), so I decided I needed to see what was up with that.  I think the fur had just become matted and tangled enough that it was irritating him.  After clipping around on him a bit (he doesn't look well-groomed, that's for sure), we settled down and went to sleep.

So far today I have been cooking, cleaning and resting.  Probably in equal amounts.  Maybe a little more on the resting side.  I made these low-carb breakfast balls for breakfast and they were off the chain!  (The only difference was I added a little garlic powder to the mixture.)  I have eggs, sausage and cheese all the time, but the difference in this was the texture.  When you make these little meatballs and bake them in the oven, they get this wonderful, chewy, crispy crust on the outside, particularly on the bottom, and that makes all the difference.  The recipe made 4 dozen of them and I have divided them into snack-size baggies, putting 2 or 3 in the refrigerator for breakfast this week and the rest in the freezer for later.  Here is a picture of the breakfast balls:

(Photographer I am not, but I turned one over to try to show the crispy bottom.)

Next I am attempting to make a pizza with a crispy cauliflower crust.  As I write this, I am in the middle of doing it.  I feel tired after being on my feet for a bit (I have been trying to clean up as I go).  I have riced the cauliflower, which was a breeze in my Ninja blender.  I just pulsed it a few times and it was there.  I am using a half a head of cauliflower (I looked up how much cauliflower was 2 pounds and it said a head of cauliflower was 4 pounds).  I have cooked the cauliflower rice and it is draining in a fine mesh strainer, but I needed a break.  I think it will be fine to get up and start squeezing the water out in a few minutes.  I haven't given much thought to toppings yet.  I have a little pouch of Boboli pizza sauce left and I had planned to use that.  However, after checking the ingredients, it has both high fructose corn syrup and modified food starch (which if not wheat, is grain based), so I will have to do something different for the sauce.  (I found a Paleo sauce recipe and used it, adding a little this and that after tasting it.)  I will either add some ground meat or sausage, and some veggies, along with some mozzarella cheese.  I'm not hungry right now, so I am not in a big hurry to get it done.  *So, now it is done, and here it is!

First, the crust before baking it:

Now, after it was baked (I forgot to take the picture before putting the sauce on it).

Now the complete, baked pizza.  Toppings were some sausage, sautéed shallots (some of them were more like charcoaled, but I kind of liked them that way) and some roasted red peppers (from a jar).

This crust was supposed to hold together, so you can pick it up.  It worked!

Verdict?  A little different, of course, but tasted like pizza!  The thing I would tweak next time is the sauce.  It was a little heavy.  And I think I will add some grated parmesan to the crust to add some good flavor and more texture to the crust.  Otherwise, very tasty.  I was only hungry enough for the piece in my hand.  That was 1/3 of the pizza.

At the same time, I am making a recipe I have been seeing on Facebook, an Amish Broccoli Salad.  I am dividing the recipe because I could never eat this much before it spoiled.  I am trying to eat more of my veggies raw, when possible, so this will be good for that.  I will likely alter the sugar in some way (maybe use some honey and probably a lot less than is recommended).  This will be easy to grab for a work lunch or after having to work late.  I can even eat some with my breakfast.  *I did use just a little honey.  I didn't want it really sweet, which I think it would have been with the amount of sugar it called for.  If I want a little more sweet sometime, I could drop a few craisins -- just a touch -- on it and I think that would be good.

I was also going to make the filling for lettuce wraps, which is an easy after-work meal to put together, but a couple of bags of groceries were left in my daughter's car, including a couple of ingredients I need.  So I will have to make those later.

I will also be assembling the makings for salads to take to work several days for lunch.  Probably will have to make a homemade dressing or two, also, because I didn't buy any.

Hopefully all of that will get me through the week smoothly.  :)  I bought plenty of nuts and have some cheese sticks, avocados, as well as celery and almond butter, and some hummus (which I will dip celery and possibly other raw veggies in.  I also bought a little fruit and berries to have a little here and there to hopefully help my sweet tooth a little.

I was watching the episode of Extreme Weight Loss where the couple gets married.  I know the weight loss on this show is not realistic, but I enjoy watching the transformations.  I know Chris and Heidi Powell use a carb-cycling program, but what bothers me is that they are still stuck in the low-fat mentality.  I am seeing articles almost every day where doctors are seeing the error in that science.  On top of that, the girl had pretty severe ulcerative colitis.  There was one part where they were talking about what they ordered in a restaurant.  They were talking about the Brioche bun having a lot of butter, but did not address the bread at all.  I wanted to scream, read Wheat Belly! (There are reports that people's ulcerative colitis makes a fairly quick turnaround when you remove wheat and grains from the diet.)  The trouble is, I know I am not a success story yet. I still have a long way to go. Only time will validate whether I am on the right path. But because of positive changes so far, I truly believe I am. Getting freer every day from headaches I have had for 30 years tells me I am doing something right. (I do know that some seem to be more sensitive than others, and I am obviously one that is very sensitive. But I truly believe low-fat is not the answer.)  And I am reading more and more articles lately that the medical field is finding this to be the case.  There is a reason why obesity and diabetes have skyrocketed the last 50 years.

I still have some more cleaning, so I'm going to get this posted.  Over and out.

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