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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Withdrawal Struggles

It's been kind of a rough weekend.  I just haven't felt that well.  I have had 3 days off of Monsters, began to get a headache last night, but held off drinking one, but had a pretty bad headache not long after I got up this morning.  I finally decided to drink one (sometimes you have to wean rather than go totally cold turkey).  I got another moderate headache this evening and then got to thinking, maybe it wasn't caffeine after all; maybe it was my "old" headaches coming back.  I had some dinner (such as it was, but on plan) and it went away.

My sciatic nerve on the right leg has still been pretty flared up, although it seemed a little better today.  Not enough to get out and do anything, though.  There was one point where I just wanted to have a good cry.  Not because it was that severe; I was just frustrated.

It started to bring thoughts:  "I felt so good when I first started doing this; why am I not feeling so good now?"  "This isn't working; I should be better by now."  Etc., etc.  However, from what I read, the way I am feeling is quite typical.  You have withdrawal symptoms, some people more than others.  You also have withdrawal from caffeine, some people more than others.  It all depends on how the wheat was affecting you personally and how long problems have been building.  Caffeine withdrawal can also depend on how much you have been ingesting each day.  In my case, I have been drinking 2 a day, sipping on them my whole work day, for quite a while.  So it makes sense that it might take a few days to get through withdrawal.  I guess the same thing holds true with wheat withdrawal. The one area I continue to have continued relief is the headaches.  Except for the last 2 days (and I am quite sure it was caffeine), I have had almost no headaches.  And when I do, they are light and don't last long.  Usually when I eat something (the right thing), they go away.

So, even though I had fleeting thoughts that this isn't working, and some of the symptoms I am going through are not very pleasant, I know I am on the right track and just the relief from headaches is worth it all.  But I do hope I begin to have less all-over aches and pains, my increased energy returns, and even though it may not be related, I hope this flare-up of sciatica lets up so I feel like getting out and doing more.

I'm writing this because if anyone reads my blog and decides they want to try what I am doing, I want them to know that there is some difficulty and discomfort involved when you get going with this.

Funny, the one thing I have had little of is craving for wheat.  I had a big sugar craving yesterday, and made it through without doing what I was tempted to do, but it was strong.  I am still doing some more tweaking on my eating -- for maximum weight loss and logging how things affect my blood sugar.  I have decided that my sweets, for now, need to be fruit-based.  Either pure fruit or fruit with some whipped cream.  Let me qualify that by saying that I don't intend to make eating sweets (the kind I have been hooked on my whole life) a part of my diet in the future.  Maybe once in a blue moon, but there are healthy sweets I can make; I made some ice cream using pure maple syrup and it was delicious, but I need to have that under more controlled circumstances.  I went overboard with it.  I need to incorporate more vegetables into my diet, breakfast lunch and dinner.  All of this requires a lot of preparation, cooking and, consequently, cleaning up.  That is where a lot of my time is going.

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