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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Weigh-In after 5 Days of Wheat/Gluten-Free

I just wanted to do a quick check-in.  I weighed in on Tuesday morning, actually, although I put it in on my weight/size page as Monday.  I weighed 294.8 at that time and that was after one wheat/ gluten-free day.  So I might have weighed a little more on Monday.  This morning (actually yesterday morning, Saturday), I weighed 290.2, so that was a loss of 4.6.

I want to document a little how I ate this week.  My biggest goal was to eat wheat/gluten-free.  I am trying to think of an instance when I had wheat or gluten.  The only thing I can think of was Friday night I ate some ice cream (quite a lot, actually).*  It was Blue Bell and I'm pretty sure it has some kind of additive(s) that have gluten.  And, or course, it had sugar.  I am working toward sugar-free (although I do plan to eat raw honey, pure maple syrup, coconut crystals, etc., on occasion; I just don't want to eat it constantly and if it becomes a problem, I will have to address that).  I ate quite a bit of fats -- bacon or sausage and eggs and cheese for breakfast, nuts and cheese for snacks, and meats and vegetables and occasional carbs such as sweet potatoes for meals.  I averaged one piece of fruit a day, but tried to eat it after already eating protein/veggies/fats.

Dr. Davis, the author of Wheat Belly, advises eating very low carb, even if you are not eating wheat or gluten.  You don't want to constantly spike your blood sugar and create an insulin response.  This happens for some people more easily than for others.  So, I have bought myself a glucose meter for several reasons.  First of all, I want to see where my blood sugar is now -- am I diabetic (I was not, but close, last time it was checked)?  I also want to see how different foods affect my glucose level.  When I eat carbs, I will eat them with proteins and/or fats to lower the likelihood of spiking my blood sugar.  I want to see what happens when I eat a little bit of the right kind of carbs and if it raises my blood sugar too much.

Dr. Davis writes as though evolution is a fact and that we evolved from apes, etc.  Because of that, he makes certain assumptions about how our ancestors ate.  I have a Biblical world view and my Bible says that God placed Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, which was filled with many fruits (and vegetables) and told them to eat freely of those fruits.  Dr. Davis does not recommend you eat fruit more than once a day, if that much.  My tendency is to believe that if God made it, and man did not mess with it, it is healthy for me to eat.  So I will be doing a little testing to see how much eating fruit affects my blood sugar, for example.  However it turns out, I want to avoid constantly causing my blood sugar to spike so that I have an insulin response.  This is just my own research, for myself.

That is another reason I plan to eat honey, if I only eat it in small amounts and it does not begin to cause a problem.  The Bible speaks of eating honey as good.  I do plan to eat raw, organic honey.

This morning for breakfast I tried a recipe for pancakes made from almond flour.  They were also dairy-free (just because that was important to the person who created the recipe).  It used coconut milk.  They were really good.  I only had a little bit of real maple syrup (I would say a tablespoon or so).  I cooked up the rest of the pancake batter at the end of the day and had one (they are supposed to be the size of silver dollars, although mine were somewhere between that size and the size of a small pancake), just by itself, with nothing else.  It was so good!  I plan to have some more in the morning with some cream cheese sweetened with a little coconut crystals (supposedly another healthy sugar) and some fresh blackberries.  There is nothing in the pancakes that is higher carb except a tablespoon of honey in the entire recipe.  A lot less carbs than the protein pancakes I have made before using eggs, cottage cheese and oats.  And they are really, really good.

I have a little more shopping to do tomorrow and I plan to do some cooking to have things to eat during the week, particularly for lunches and snacks at work.  Of course, I can have raw nuts and cheese, but eating that all the time will get old.  I plan to make some deviled eggs (the usual kind and another kind with mashed avocado mixed in).  Those will be good for snacks and for filling out a meal.  I also plan to make some chili that does not have beans and the sauce is made mostly of dried chiles that have been reconstituted and blended to make a paste, instead of the usual tomato sauce used in chili.  It also uses chuck roast cut into small pieces instead of the usual ground meat.  I am looking forward to seeing how that turns out.

A lot of what I will be doing ties right in with when I did Atkins before, and I lost pretty well on Atkins.  I feel very positive about the changes.

I do want to begin eating organic foods, plus grass-fed beef and free range chickens, etc. at some point, but they are so expensive!!  I am focused on paying off debt the next few months, and once that is paid off, I will have more money available to start buying more organic foods.  The changes I am making right now are significant, and I think going one step at a time is perfectly okay.

I have had some pain today, including some headaches.  I think the steroids have worn off and I think I am still going through some withdrawal.  I expect things to improve in the coming days.

That's it for today.  I should get to bed.

*I don't plan to make this a habit, by the way.  As soon as I have all the ingredients I need, I can make other, healthier options, including some homemade ice cream.  The Blue Bell was instead of dinner, which happened partly because I worked late and I didn't have groceries in the house to cook me some dinner.  Ice cream is much better than sweets that are just pure sugar because it is much lower on the glycemic index (at least that's what I told myself).

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