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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Headaches and Wheat Belly

Well, I disappeared again.

The last few weeks have been all about headaches.  They have gotten so constant, and sometimes severe, that I have had great difficulty functioning.  I was getting to the point where I was worried about being able to do my job.  I mentioned it on Facebook (I know some people don't like those kinds of posts, but I needed some feedback and encouragement).  Someone recommended I read Wheat Belly.  I was skeptical -- after all, I have tension headaches, or so I was telling myself.  When I got into the book, however, it all sounded very familiar.  There was even more about it in a book called Grain Brain, which I have started reading (and specifically went straight to the passages about headaches to start with).

I stayed home Friday.  I just couldn't cope another day with the headaches and trying to work all day.  All the while, I was reading Wheat Belly.  I cut back on the wheat (had some once each day of the weekend, but that was all).  By Sunday, I had some headaches, but not all day long with no relief.  I feel like I am on the right track.  Yesterday I was back at work and it was the first day to attempt being "wheat free."  I have to admit, it was a very tough day.  My head was pounding all day.  Somebody had brought bagels, which didn't really tempt me, but at one point in the afternoon, I tore off just a bite of one to taper it a little.  Maybe it helped a little, I don't know.  I was reading to expect withdrawal and that headaches would be part of that (if headaches are a possible symptom, I am going to get them).  So I made it through as best I could.  I even popped home at lunch and took a half a valium, which helped only a little.  (The doctor prescribed them on my last visit for muscle spasms, but they knock me for a loop if I take a whole one.)

Anyway, I will know in a few days if this is what is causing the headaches (and overall pain).  The thing is, I am less than a week away from my vacation and there will be some wheat-eating then, I am sure.  However, I am going to try to make good choices as often as I can that do not include wheat and gluten.  There are a lot of good things you can eat that don't have wheat.  Fats are not restricted at all, except transfats and hydrogenated oils and fried foods.  I can have cheese.  So I will still be able to enjoy a lot of things, and there will be some wheat eating here and there.  When I get back, I will finish out the withdrawal as well as withdrawal from sugar.  Cutting out wheat automatically limits sugar intake, but not entirely.  There is still ice cream, etc.  :)

Just wanted to check in.  I am still here.  But the last few weeks have been rough.  I will give more detail about Wheat Belly as I learn more and see how it is working for me.  I recommend the book.  It affects you in so many ways besides headaches.  It is a big reason for the explosion of obesity in our society in the last 25 years or so.

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  1. I have been "off wheat" for wow - over two years now. It started as a sympathetic gesture for my brother and then, as he began to eat wheat after seeing no differences I had to realize that being wheat free makes me feel amazing. I didn't even know I'd been feeling bad, but I was plagued with headaches and gas and these restless leg muscles. Once I gave up wheat I one day realized most of these problems had disappeared. I still have soy sauce now and then and I don't scour every label for traces of gluten but I am 99% gluten free. It gets easier, it's a pain when you are out but you can find things. I would suggest you give it a good month or so (and really try not to eat any wheat - apparently small amounts can impact your interpretation of eliminating it) and see how you feel.


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