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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Tuesday's Post


So far, so good today.  My hunger has been manageable.  I have to say, when it comes time to drinking a MF shake, I have to be mighty hungry before I’m ready to do that.  But I wasn’t tempted to do anything else – just put it off as long as I could, lol.


Not much to report today.  I have to not think about how much longer I am planning to do this; I just take it as it comes.  I look forward to evenings when I can have something besides MF foods, and beyond that, to my off-days.  Thank goodness for those.  But I really don’t give it much thought.


I have to be careful right now that I take my medicine on time or I slip into withdrawal really easily.  However, I haven’t had to take any of the stronger med to deal with withdrawal.  My current med seems to take care of it if I take it on time.  The first symptom of withdrawal I notice, sometimes, is I start sneezing.  I thought this was strange, but googled it and it is pretty normal.  Also, I started getting that restless legs feeling.  I have an alarm set to remind me to take my medicine, so I try to stick to that.


I am hoping my recent headaches have been from all the time working at my desk.  I say that.  I was thinking that was probably it, and I have not been taking lunches, so that is a lot of hours at my desk with no break.  Since our case settled, I am trying to at least take a short lunch so I get away from my desk and allow that tightness that starts building to dissipate a little bit.  Now I just hope that works.  I have a headache, but it is fairly mild.  Just a nagging thing I would rather not have to deal with.


This afternoon, my daughter is off to the ER with severe stomach pain.  If you have not read my archives, she has a history of intestinal obstructions.  She doesn’t think that is what it is because it doesn’t feel like it is in the usual place.  But pain has been building since last night.  Ugh.  The update is that they did not find anything wrong.  That doesn’t always mean anything, but that’s where it stands right now.


I’m having to work a little late, so I’m going to have my evening shake now and my L&G dinner when I get home.  Hopefully that will work and I don’t have to end up staying REALLY late.


I went home at around 7:45.  I had made my protein last night, so I just had to warm it up, but I had to fix my veggie.  Dinner was a boneless/skinless chicken breast with some barbecue sauce and some green beans.  It tasted okay, but I kind of had to push it down at the last.  My appetite is so strange these days.  I was really hungry, but sometimes things make me nauseous.  I don’t know why.  Along about 8:30 or 9:00 I realized I was feeling some pretty significant withdrawal symptoms.  It wasn’t time to take my medicine yet, so I guess I wasn’t quite through with the old med yet.  I took a third of a pill and took a hot bath and it settled down after that.  However, I got a little munchy and ate a few craisins.  Not enough to do any harm.


I’m going to get this posted and put today on a different post.

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