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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Trying to Hold It Together

I'm trying to hang on here.  I do pretty good for a couple of days and then have a bad day.  Today has been pretty good.

I'm really struggling with the headaches and that makes me want to comfort myself with food.  I went to a concert with my boss and a coworker the other night and my coworker took a picture of me.  Yuck.  I looked at that picture when I was tempted today.  Here's how the day has gone.

I really wanted to get back on track today.  I had a couple of Atkins shakes left from sometime in the past and I decided I would use those instead of MF shakes, since I like them much better (don't like them, but they are much better than the MF ones).  I had one of those for breakfast and a MF snack bar for midmorning snack.  I now have 3 candy bowls close to me at work and I slipped up and had 2 chocolates from a candy bowl.  That's when I started using the picture for motivation.  So I had a shake for lunch, along with 2 cuties oranges.  I was struggling mid-afternoon, so went ahead and had my snack bar.  That candy bowl kept tempting me, but I managed to stay away from it.  By late afternoon I was pretty hungry.  I decided it would be better to have another MF snack bar than to give in, so did that.  I did not have anything ready to cook for dinner and didn't want to get home and mess up, so I stopped at Subway and got a sandwich and some baked chips.  I think that was much better than things I might have gotten into at home.  Since I had 2 snack bars this afternoon, no evening snack tonight.  I do plan to have a piece of fruit, if I need to.  So, not a perfect MF day, by any means, but much better.  I can lose weight on what I ate today (albeit slowly).  It always helps to get a positive day behind me.  I will see if I can do even better tomorrow.

I did not do a good job with grocery shopping this week.  I thought I had chicken left, but I guess I didn't.  I need to get some more.  I will look through my freezer and see if I've got other things for tomorrow.  I do not have a car available to go get anything tonight.  If I don't, I will pick up something at a restaurant downstairs tomorrow before they close after lunch.  I need to be prepared for success in my current state of motivation.

That's it for tonight.  Just trying to hold it together.

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