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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Trip Planning

Obviously I updated this throughout the day:

So far, so good today.  I had my breakfast of a MF pancake.  I was having some feelings of weakness, so I added just a few craisins to the batter.  I also had a couple of bites of banana (didn’t want any more).  That seemed to help.  I was fine until snack, which was a MF snack bar, at about 10:45 a.m.  I think it is better to have a little deviance like that when I am feeling that way, rather than letting it build to a stumble later.


I totally forgot that we are having a firm luncheon today.  The menu is barbecue and fixings.  I guess this will be my “L&G” meal.  I plan to eat reasonably (there will be grilled chicken among the meats), but it will be more calories than a regular L&G meal.  I think that sometimes you have to go with the flow with these things and know that if 90% of the time, you are sticking to your plan, you will get where you want to go.  But I do not plan to eat enough to undo any weight loss for the day or week.


Speaking of which, right now, I seem to be losing about a pound a day.  I know that will not continue, but it is nice for the purposes of this time period.


Well, lunch is done and here is the damage:  I had a few dill pickle slices, some grilled chicken (maybe 2 oz., but no more) and some lean brisket (maybe 2 oz., but no more), a spoonful of pinto beans, and a bite of potato salad.  Of course, I put a little barbecue sauce on the meat.  Not too bad, considering what was out there, including peach cobbler and rolls.  That means MF meals the rest of the day, joy, joy.


I am working late again.  I don't know why attorneys send requested changes to documents at 5:00 in the afternoon.  Of course my guys are going to go over them and reply before I can leave.

I had my afternoon snack, a MF snack bar.  Dinner will be a shake.  I don't know if I will have it here at work or when I get home.  It depends on how hungry I get.  Right now I'm doing okay.  I will finish out the day with the MF salty snack I bought.  I can't handle another shake -- 2 in a row.

Considering the obstacles thrown at me, I think I had a good day.

I've spent cracks of time on planning my New York trip -- planning what we will do on what day based on grouping things together that are in close proximity to each other.  Going through and looking at restaurants we want to go to might be a little dangerous, but so far I am handling it okay.  It is really starting to get real to me that I am going on this trip.  I can't wait!!!!!

I'm going to get this posted so I don't forget.  Good night all.

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