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Monday, February 9, 2015

Smooth Day, Knock on Wood

I finished the evening last night without eating outside of plan.  In fact, I never had my last shake.  But I had eaten a few craisins earlier, so that probably evened out calorie-wise.  I know it sounds like I am falling off plan with the craisins a lot, and technically I am, but if that keeps me from having an all-out stumble, I am okay.  I am eating few enough calories that I still have a good weight loss.  Last time my carb cravings got pretty bad, the longer I was on Medifast.  This takes care of that craving a little bit.

I am having such a hard time facing the shakes at the end of the day that I decided to start my day with one today, instead.  That way my after-dinner snack is not something I dread.  I will have to rethink whether buying shakes in my second shipment is a good idea.  Or at least not 2 a day.  Yuck. I am thinking about using Atkins shakes instead of Medifast.  They taste so much better.  I will have to study nutritional content first.

I need to be careful to drink my water today, so that is a focus.  I will drink some down each time I go to the restroom until I have had enough.

I have now had my lunchtime shake, so I am done with the shakes for today.  Yay!  I also had some cuties oranges.  Sometimes you just need something to get that taste out of your mouth.  I don't really enjoy chocolate shakes that much anyway, even when done with the "bad stuff," but I have to chug th MF ones to get them down.


I am home now and have had my dinner. I forgot to thaw anything out, so Stephanie picked us up some salads at Chick-Fil-A.  My, that tasted so good!  She remembered to get me grilled chicken this time.  I feel surprisingly satisfied.  I bit later I will have my MF pancake and if I need anything else, I will have some celery sticks.  Today has gone smoothly and I hope it finishes out that way.

I'm trying to get back to reading some blogs.  I hid from those, too, last year.  Which is silly because they probably would have helped.  I just wasn't there mentally after my hysterectomy.  I'm starting with Holly's blog.  It always inspired me a lot.

That's it for tonight.  I'm feeling pretty strong, so I think I will be fine (knock on wood).  Over and out.


  1. Hi! This is my first visit to your blog. You are so pretty! I never could do the shakes - the upset my stomach over time. Do you like shakes? Would you be drinking them if you weren't doing a weight loss plan?

  2. Ha! I would not be doing shakes without the weight loss plan (except for a real shake once in a blue moon). I know this is not lifestyle. If you read enough of my recent posts, you will know that I am trying to get back on track and get pain under control. That is the reason for doing Medifast, but will only be doing it a couple of months. Then it's on to a more lifestyle oriented plan.


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