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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Off-Day/Super Bowl Party

I finished strong yesterday.  I stayed up late -- until Midnight.  I was really hungry by then. I had thoughts of going ahead and eating a little something since it was already tomorrow, or drinking some hot chocolate, but I didn't.  I went on to bed.  I had a little trouble sleeping because of restless legs at one point.  Withdrawal symptom.   But I had already taken about 1/3 of a pill of the stronger med earlier and it didn't last long, so I did okay.

I decided on an off-day today, as opposed to an off-meal.  However, that is not a license to eat everything I can think of.

Breakfast is some oatmeal.  However, not one of the huge bowls of oatmeal I was eating before I started.  I actually measured it this time -- 1/2 cup dry.  I ate it slowly and waited a little bit, but still felt a little hungry, so I made a scrambled egg.  I can't remember the last time I made one scrambled egg. I always eat two.

I woke up with a lot of pain today.  I don't know why because it had been improved the last couple of days.  It is cold and rainy -- don't know if that has anything to do with it or not.


I'm home after being gone most of the rest of the day.  My daughter and I ate lunch at Chipotle, where I had two tacos with soft corn tortillas.  These tacos are fairly low calorie (something I used to eat when doing WW).  I did have a few chips with some guacamole.

After that we went to get groceries, brought them home and put them away and then went to where my daughter is house/puppy sitting (which is my cousin's house) and watched a little TV before I went over my married daughter's home for a Super Bowl party.  I think I ate pretty reasonably there.  I had just a few chips with hot sauce and guacamole.  Then I had some chicken, roasted potatoes, Brussels sprouts and a roll.  Dessert was a small serving of apple cobbler and a small serving of this brownie thing (added up to the size of one dessert).  That was it.  I never got extremely full, and I felt like I had a good day.  I don't feel like I ate so much I will have to spend all week making up for it.

My pain improved through the day, so that was good.  It has actually been better the last 2-3 days.  I guess losing 10 pounds has helped a little.

Now, I should get off to bed.  I typically don't like to do things on Sunday night because my work weeks can be so long, but it was fun tonight, so I am good.

Have a good week!

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