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Friday, February 6, 2015

Hoping 90% is Enough


Well, I did end up having a stumble last night.  I just did not want a shake.  I should have had one at work.  When I got home, I decided I was going to have a 100-calorie container of yogurt and some frozen cherries instead of a shake, which I did.  I had worked until 8:30 p.m. and for some reason, I keep slipping into withdrawal before time to take my medicine again, so I was dealing with that.  I had me a big bowl of oatmeal.  Could have been much worse, of course, but I attribute the stumble to those things.  Next time, I need to drink that shake down before I leave.  Although, really, I think it was the working late (again) and withdrawal that caused it more than anything.

Back to it today.  Actually, I am already at work and have not had breakfast yet.  My boss called early this morning and asked me to get to work early.  So I had to hurry things up and get to the office.  I decided I would have a shake for breakfast and my usual MF pancake for after-dinner snack this time, since those fit my time constraints better.  I haven’t had time to drink the shake yet, but will.

I certainly thought things would slow down a bit since our case is not going to trial, but there has been extra work getting final papers done.  Hopefully it will settle down after this week.  I certainly don’t mind staying late sometimes, but this every night thing gets old.  I always like it when I get my paycheck, though.  It's just tough because I am always hungry by the time I go home.

I got on the scale this morning and had only done a little damage.  I can’t let one stumble affect my day going forward.


That’s as far as I got yesterday.  It was a busy day.

Yesterday went down like this:  I was really busy for a while after getting here in the morning, so I had my snack bar first.  After 11:00, I was getting really hungry, so I had a shake.  I waited maybe an hour longer and a shake was not enough to take care of the hunger that built up, so I drank my lunch shake and had some raw veggies.  That made it settle down, finally.  Then, late afternoon, I had a snack bar.

I actually almost did the same thing last night as the night before.  I didn’t work late, but I went home and had my L&G meal.  As the night went on after that, I kept thinking about wanting something else and actually got to the point where I was planning to after my daughter went to bed.  She kept staying up, and by the time she did go, I fought with myself a little and thought, “Oh well, I will just go to bed.”  So I did.  I totally forgot that I could have had a MF pancake for my evening snack.  I was still munchy after dinner and ate a few craisins.  I never did have the pancake.  But I never had the oatmeal either, so that was good.  Hopefully today will be a more normal day.  Tomorrow is weigh-in, so that is good motivation.

I have not been drinking enough water this week.  I need to do better at that.

I still seem to be trying to slip into withdrawal easily.  That was part of my problem last night.  I hope that lets up soon.


I keep floundering in my mind.  I have not acted upon it, but I keep having thoughts of eating outside of plan.  I gave myself a pep talk – I can do this! – and I think I am okay now.  I am glad tomorrow is my off-day.  It’s not that I want to go out and eat a lot.  It’s just that I want something different than these MF foods.  That gets really old.  But I do like the result, so I have no plans of quitting before my vacation.  Certainly not before I use up the food I bought.

Still Later

It's almost bedtime.  I've struggled all evening but the only thing I have given in to is a few craisins.  It's partly this danged withdrawal.  I makes me munchy and I'm already kind of hungry all the time.  I think I've done pretty well, all things considered.  I don't know why it makes you want to eat all the time, but it does.

I did better on my water today.  I probably should drink down some more before going to bed.

We'll see how weigh-in goes tomorrow.  I have definitely stayed on track 90% of the time.

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