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Sunday, February 8, 2015

First Walk in a While

I probably overdid it a little yesterday in one way, but the scale was actually down this morning.  That was probably because with the different foods yesterday, it triggered some intestinal upset (to put it politely).  Whatever, I'll take it.

My pain levels continue to be improved.  I've been thinking about that.  I don't think the amount of weight I have lost can explain it all.  I was reading through my blog from last year and I talked about the all-over pain issue a little bit.  I suspect it has to do with eating less carbs.  Medifast is a lower- carb diet and I think eating a lot of carbs and sugar probably causes inflammation, which causes the all-over pain (probably fibromyalgia).  After I finish Medifast and get back from vacation, I should follow a lower-carb plan.  That seems to work better for me in other ways, too.

I have done  fine so far with my eating so far today.   I sleep later on the weekend, so I get started later.  I think that helps.  Maybe I should start eating later every day.   I had my MF Pancake after 10:00, then my MF snack bar a while later.  By 12:45 I was starting to growl.  I had been doing a bit of cleaning, etc. during the morning.  Cas was whining to go outside so I decided I was going to try walking him today.  So I did.  We had such a good time.  It is a warm day and I forgot how much I enjoyed getting outside and walking with him.  Doing it again reminded me that it was something I missed.  I did very well, pain-wise.  My knee bothered me a bit and I was starting to feel it in my hips a little on the way back, but no big pain.  It did tire me a bit (and Cas).  Cas has gotten a little plump since he hasn't been being walked.  This will be good for him too.  I need to do this every day I can and build up some stamina for my trip.   I am very encouraged with the improvement in my pain level.

I had my shake when I got back to the loft (at about 1:45).  I am following it with some celery sticks and dill pickle spears.   The bold taste of the dill pickle I think will help with my boredom issue.  I don't want to eat them too much, though, or the sodium will have an adverse effect.

As the afternoon went on, I begin to struggle in my mind.   My daughter was going to be gone for the evening and I begin to think about eating after she left.   By the time she did leave I was feeling a little stronger.  I could at least tell myself, "Just eat what you planned for dinner and see how you feel before eating anything else."  So that is what I am doing.  Dinner is some barbecue chicken breast and some roasted Brussels sprouts.  I think I am past the temptation, but I need to stay on my guard.

Yep, I think I got through the worst of it.  I finished out with some cuties oranges and feel good.  54 more days of this, minus 7 off-days.    Then, vacation!!

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