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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Feeling Stronger

I finished out on plan yesterday.  The only thing I did not do, as far as what I consumed (once I got started), was I didn’t drink my water.  I am on track so far this morning and trying to drink down water each time I go to the restroom.  I didn’t do that every time, but drank a lot more than usual.  It seems like I went to the restroom every 10 minutes.

I spent a while this morning planning my meals from now until vacation, which is how long I will be on Medifast.  I did that for 2 reasons.  First, I do better with a plan.  I can mark off each meal and it satisfies something in me to do that.  The second reason is, I need to know what more MF foods I need to order.  I decided to drink Atkins shakes instead of MF, as soon as I use up what I have.  I was going to say I like them a lot better, but really, I dread them a lot less.  J  I feel ready to do this from now until vacation.   I ordered some shakes and the MF food I will need to finish it out.

I am practicing getting my mind set to not entertain doing anything differently than what I have planned.  I get one day a week off, which will usually be on a Saturday, unless something else comes up where I want to change the day.  I will feel so much better when I get to my vacation, in more ways than one, if I will do this.  My plan does include eating some raw veggies and fruit, if I need it.  I brought some fruit today, but so far am not struggling, so I think I will just eat it if I get too hungry or too tired of the MF food and that is causing me to struggle.  Sometimes a piece of fruit really helps with that.  I did end up eating a few grapes late afternoon.

My plan is to do carb cycling when I get back from vacation.  After talking about getting off sugar yesterday, my decision is to not “officially” get off until after vacation, but I won’t be eating much because I can eat it only on free days.  I won’t make that a big production – Stephanie is already not eating it, so I don’t want to do anything to trip her up.  I just don’t want to have to go through the mental thing I will need to, now, and then have to do it again after vacation.  Because I do plan to eat what I want to then (although the plan is to eat in moderation).  This is my first vacation since 1998, and I want to enjoy it.  There are different places we want to go that will involve eating dessert.

I’ve done fine today.  The only little temptation I have had is the candy bowl on my cubie’s ledge.  It had one piece of chocolate left in it (that’s all).  For some reason, that bothered me more than her having a whole bowl full.  “I’ll just eat this one and get it out of the way,” is usually the thought.  I knew better.  One is never enough and it opens up the door in your mind.  I finally took it and put it in someone else’s candy bowl that is further away and I don’t see it every time I walk by.  J

I've had a headache (as usual) today.  But I cannot use that as an excuse anymore.  If I wait to feel better to do this, it won't get done.

I want to get this posted before going home, because I never seem to get it done, otherwise.  I feel set in my mind and don’t think I will have much problem tonight.  For one thing, we don’t have much in the house to get in trouble with.  Often, even if we don’t have “convenient” things to get in trouble with, I can make pancakes or eat some oatmeal with sugar or cinnamon toast or something.  I am almost out of flour and sugar and am out of oatmeal.  I don’t have any bread or anything like that.  More than anything, though, I feel pretty strong in my mind tonight.

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