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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Weigh-In Day

Even though I just started on Tuesday, I want my weigh-in day to be on Saturday.  So, today is weigh-in day.  I don't really have any exact numbers for you.  I did weigh when I started, but I didn't write it down.  I am ashamed to admit how far I got off-track, but I do know I weighed in the evening either the night before or the night I started and I weighed over 303 pounds.  :/  That was in the evening.  This morning's weight?  290.2.  So that is over a 13-pound difference.  I'll take it.  I'm going to estimate I weighed 300 pounds when I started.  So a weight loss of 9.8 pounds after 4 days on my plan.  Yes!

I stayed up late last night and so slept in until 9:30 this morning.  I was really empty by then and I usually need a few minutes after taking medicine to get up and around.  So my first meal today was a snack bar.  I will have a MF pancake in a while.

I get either a meal off or a day off each week.  I haven't decided.  I will probably do that tomorrow because my (married) daughter invited me over for a Super Bowl party.  So today is a regular MF day.


  1. Well done on your loss. I find a meal off track is enough for me as a whole day never seems to stay as one day. Good luck for this week.

  2. Hi Sheryl! Been away for a few months and now I'm catching up on all my blog reading - way to go on kicking' those pounds to the curb!!

  3. I've been away for a few months too, Kris. Trying to get moving again, in more ways than one! Hope you are doing well.

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  5. Have you guys heard of the Xtreme Fat Loss diet? You get to have a cheat day once every five days! The whole ting only goes for 25 days. It is pretty hard though. I wrote an article about it here if anyone wants to know more:

    Good luck :)


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