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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Decision is Made (and Acted Upon)


Me again.  Hopefully I will begin to post more again in the coming days.  I made the decision to go on Medifast from now until my trip to NYC.  Usually something a little more drastic helps me get the ball rolling.  I have ordered the food (and spent the money) for the first month, and that is something that will help me follow through.  It should be here, probably tomorrow or Wednesday.

I want to document how I am feeling right now so I can see how much getting some weight off helps.  Not that I plan to use it as an excuse if it doesn’t make as much difference as I hope, but we will see.

I am having semi-regular headaches.  Not nearly like they are when I am going through a “bad spell.”  Just some headache for a time most every day.  But certainly not all day every day, and not really bad ones.  Although there have been a couple of nights when I have had trouble going to sleep because my head wouldn’t quit hurting.  That’s a little different because usually I can go to sleep to get away from them.  I have not been very consistent about taking my BP medicine, and a headache this afternoon (after a longish walk) made me wonder if it was my blood pressure.  I took my BP med and it does seem to be settling down a little.  I will be more careful about taking it regularly.

My neck and shoulders have been bothering me.  It is hard to find a position to sleep in that doesn’t “mess with them” in some way or another.  Last night is the best night I’ve had in a while.  I have gone back to wearing my neck collar at night (had not been doing that the last few months) and I changed back to my previous way of arranging my pillows (so I am more elevated), which seemed to help.  My shoulders have been pretty sore and I have to be very careful not to slide down and rest my weight on my elbows at night.  I iced my shoulders both days this weekend and will try to remember to keep doing that most every night.

My lower back is just like always (not good), which also affects my hips and legs.  I cannot walk much distance or stay on my feet very long or my back, etc. will be hurting too much.  However, sitting too long is a problem too.  I’m working some long hours right now and by the end of a long day, sometimes I feel like I cannot stay in that chair one minute longer.  This weekend my daughter and I were watching a Castle marathon (my kids got me the first 6 seasons on DVD for Christmas) and I sat too much and it increased pain almost as much as doing too much does.  So there is a fine line of what I should and should not do.

I have noticed my tailbone being sore lately.  I feel it most in the reclining position I am in at night.  I am thinking about getting a “coccyx pillow” to help take some pressure off that area.  I have a kind of deformity at the end of my tailbone and it can create soreness when too much pressure is put on that area.  Like doing sit-ups on a floor with not enough padding will set it off.  This might be what is causing the extra pain with too much sitting right now, too.

My knees are pretty painful right now.  I know sometimes it is sciatic pain and other times it seems to really be my knees.  They feel “thick” when I bend them, like there is some swelling and inflammation deep inside the joint.  But other times it is like the radiating pain from the back problem.

My right foot had been some better from the Achilles tendonitis.  But it seems to be trying to flare up again and now my left foot is feeling like that too.  My left heel is pretty sore right now.  It feels better in a little heel (an inch or two) than in athletic shoes or flats.  So, to combat the tendonitis, I am icing them when I can, I am wearing anti-inflammatory patches on both heels during the day until I run out, and I did some stretching this morning by hanging my heels off the step and stretching them downward to gently stretch the tendon (the doctor said this was the best way to stretch it).  I will keep this up because I don’t want my feet/heels to be too sore for my trip.

That’s a lot of aches and pains, but that has been life for me over the last few months.  It seems most of my energy is spent either working or coping with chronic pain.

I asked my doctor to change me back to my old pain med.  I am SO TIRED of being so sleepy all the time.  And it didn’t seem to do much better on the pain than my other one did.  The only difference is I will be able to take the old one every 4 hours, if needed, instead of every 6 hours like it used to be.  I will start on this tomorrow.

I estimate I should be able to get at least 20 pounds off between now and the trip, on Medifast, and possibly up to 30 pounds.  That would make a big difference.
On the Medifast plan, I will be eating 5 MF meals a day and 1 Lean & Green meal a day.  My plan right now, for a lot of days, is to have my L&G meal at lunch, either taking food I have prepared ahead of time or getting it “out.”  I want as little food in the house as possible, and I want it to work so that during the week, the only food I eat at home is MF food.  That may or may not work for me.  It may be cost prohibitive to do it that way.

I do plan to have one “free” meal a week where I eat what I want to.  That gives me that to look forward to because the MF food gets very monotonous.  I should be fine for the amount of time I will be on it (here’s hoping).


I didn’t get this posted yesterday, so will just continue.

I found out my Medifast order will be delivered today.  I wanted to get started, so since I had a couple of Atkins shakes left, I am substituting those, as well as a protein bar I bought.  I will have my L&G meal at lunch and that should get me through until I get home tonight when I will have my MF food.

I had a rough night last night.  It wasn’t because of the change in pain meds, because I just started that this morning (so nice not to be so sleepy!!).  What was hurting the most was my right knee and some in my right ankle.  I think it is most likely sciatic pain, but at times it felt like something was wrong with my knee.  I had a very difficult time finding a position that helped it stop hurting.  I finally got up and sat in my recliner, took some Advil to augment my pain med (sometimes the anti-inflammatory effect helps a lot) and I put an ice pack of my knee.  I watched TV for a while and finally was able to drop off to sleep.  I slept in the chair a good part of the night.

This worries me that I am getting closer to where I was before I had the back surgery, except on my right side instead of my left.  That’s why I wanted to get started today even though my food won’t be here until this afternoon.  Judging by the way my back and hips feel today, it was most certainly sciatica.  I must, must get going and get some weight off.  It scares me because sometimes there is no way to get away from the pain as far as changing position.  Used to, as long as I was sitting down, the pain was relatively under control.  Not necessarily the case anymore.  Sigh.  Time to pull myself together (where weight loss is concerned).

I just realized as I was typing this that it was time for my second “MF” meal.  That’s good.  I don’t want to start entertaining any thoughts of wanting something else.

We are still gearing up for trial, which is to take place February 9.  The Judge ordered us to one more mediation to try to settle the case (this is the 4th one).  That is happening today.  We don’t really expect it to settle.  The opposing side won’t give us anywhere near a reasonable offer in the past.  We will see.  If it doesn’t settle today, things will be fast and furious the next couple of weeks, I am sure.  I have to be careful to get up and walk every so often because my bottom gets so tired of this chair!!  Lol.

Lunch was a grilled chicken salad with a vinaigrette dressing.  I did not get a “low fat” dressing.  I don’t really subscribe to the low fat way of losing weight.  I believe we should have healthy fats in moderation.  It seems the low fat versions of salad dressings are as sugary as a soda.  Since I had a blood sugar “scare” when eating a low fat diet (and losing 63 pounds) a few years ago (blood sugar was 124, which was all but diabetic), and reading about it lately, I don’t think the traditional low fat diet is the way to go.  Since then, my blood sugar has improved when eating a healthy diet with moderate fats.  It still needs more improvement, but much better than it was.  I don’t know right now since I have not been doing well for the last 11 months.

The plan for the rest of the day is an Atkins shake for afternoon snack, and when I get home, I will have my MF foods, so a MF dinner and evening snack.

Okay, I’m going to get this posted.  It is very important I make it through this day.  So far, so good.

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