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Saturday, November 1, 2014

A New Possibility

I have started I don't know how many posts and haven't finished them.  So I'm going to try to just type this out and get it posted.

Life has become all about pain control.  It seems like things have gotten worse, in some ways.  However, I had to come to the conclusion that my new medicine was not working the way it needed to.  By that I mean I was not functioning well on it.  I was so sleepy all the time and the side effects seemed to build to where I felt like I was in a fog all the time.  It took a day or two to realize the reason I was feeling so bad was because of the medicine.  I decided that instead of taking a whole tablet every 4 hours, I would take a half-tablet and when the pain began to overtake me, take another half, which turns out to be about every 3-1/2 hours.  I feel much better mentally and can function much better.  And the itching has let up, which was a big problem at night.  But, at times, the pain just won't seem to let up.  My shoulders are bothering me a lot, and that along with the back issues are a lot to handle.  One or the other would be more manageable, but dealing with both of them is breaking me down.  I am having to fight to maintain hope.

One thing that is happening is that it looks like our firm is going to be changing insurance companies from Aetna to BC/BS.  The significance of that is that BC/BS typically covers weight loss surgery and it is excluded with Aetna, at least on our policy.  I do NOT want gastric bypass or anything like that.  I have seen too many people close to me or close to someone I know who have had life-threatening complications from it.  But I would consider lap band.  If I was in the condition I was 10 years ago, I would not.  But the pain issues put it all in a different light.  I feel like I need some help.  I have a friend who had lap-band surgery and it worked well for her. I know it is only a tool, but I think it could help me.  Then, hopefully, when I've gotten a certain amount of weight off, pain issues will improve and I can work out more and help it along to goal.  Right now I cannot even walk my dog.  I will be seriously considering it.  I just know I cannot keep going like this and hope to live anything near a normal life.  I considered weight loss surgery in years past and did a lot of research on it.  So I know enough about it to make an informed decision.  The good thing about lap band is that it is fully reversible if something went wrong.  You have to be seen regularly for fills and to watch for slippage.  But that would be better than what I am dealing with now.  I think every one of my doctors would support the decision.

This weekend is about balancing my activity.  Too much activity sets off extra pain and not moving enough does too. I am trying to ice different areas (which seems to help) -- right now I am icing my lower back and later will ice my shoulders.  Now, I need to get started on some cleaning.

Have a great weekend.

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  1. Hey Sheryl thanks for sharing and as you long as you stay positive you will be fine. I understand how difficult it is to deal with pain so I try to do fun things and exercise to keep my stress levels down. Take care and God bless. Leeman


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