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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Trip to the Pain Management Doctor

I went to the pain management doctor today.  I was a little worried that they would try to take me off of pain meds.  When he looked at all my records, he was marveling that I was functioning as well as I am.  He said I have a multitude of problems in my lower back, each of which would cause me substantial pain.  He asked me if the pain meds helped and I said they did.  He asked if they worked well enough and I said not all the time.  They actually just make things bearable.  He wanted to put me on oxycodone (and did).  He said it would handle my pain much more effectively (including the headaches) and that it is not as hard on the body (because it has no acetaminophen, which is hard on the liver).  He had asked me what my goals were and I said to get my pain under good enough control so I can get enough exercise to help with weight loss.  I would like so much to be able to walk on the treadmill with a significant incline, like I used to, which gave me a good calorie burn.  I cannot do that yet because of the Achilles tendon problem, but hopefully in the not-too-distant future!


We talked about the fact that a fusion is what they would ultimately do for my back, but I told him I did not want a fusion.  I hoped weight loss would bring my pain to a level where I never had to have a fusion.  He agreed with that.  He said I didn’t want a fusion even if I was as skinny as a bean-pole.  He kept saying I was just too young, but I had to remind him that I was not as young as I look (which he agreed – he was surprised I was older than he was).  Now if I could just feel as young as I look….  Maybe I will get to feeling good enough to where I feel more like getting going again.  It is very hard to be motivated when I am dealing with this much pain all the time, particularly the headaches.  I have been doing a little better the last couple of days, anyway.


  1. Hi Sheryl,
    Found your blog today. I wish you much success. Congratulations on all your hard work.


  2. Hope the new pain meds help. I am headed back to the gym today after nearly 30 days away from it - I kind of feel like I am starting over, but I am totally okay with that. We can only look forward, not back. Hugs!

    1. I hear you on that. I have to not think about the last few months too much. I could get really down on myself for the weight gain and that will not do me any good. You are right; we can only look forward. Thanks for your encouragement, Biz.

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