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Monday, September 29, 2014

Enough is Enough

Enough is enough.  I have to pull myself together.  (I wrote that before seeing what I titled my last post.)


The headaches had gotten bad the last few weeks.  I mean, “I don’t think I can take this anymore” bad.  I have been doing a lot of things to work on them.  Interestingly, one thing I have found that helps is chewing gum.  I noticed it would stop hurting when I ate, but would start right back up again shortly afterwards, so I thought it might be something mechanical making the difference.  So I got the idea of chewing gum.  And it really does help.  I still have to do the other things – muscle relaxant, work on my posture at the computer, stretching, etc., but chewing gum helps ease up the really bad ones.  Another thing I noticed is that I have really been clinching my teeth at night.  I’m trying to be aware of that and I think it has improved a little, but it’s hard to be totally aware of it when you are asleep.  I had a night-guard, but I don’t know where I put it.  If I can’t find it, I may need to buy another one.  I can tell when I first wake up whether I have been doing it.  This morning, I felt much better.


I have noticed a difference with the second anti-depressant.  I have noticed an improvement in my motivation in other ways; now I just need it to affect my eating.


I’m spending quite a bit of time alone, which I know is not helping.  My knee is REALLY bothering me the last week or so, and I know the added weight is affecting it.  Some mornings when I first stand up, I really notice the extra weight and feel like I can’t hold up under it much longer.  I must get it going back the other direction.


Enough is enough.

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  1. Well I am glad you at least came out of hibernation long enough to do a blog post! We are here to help! Before you mentioned it, I thought about a mouth guard - they do help.

    Sending big hugs your way!!


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