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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Day One is In the Books

So, this is Day 1 of my new start.  I was lying there last night and actually felt kind of excited about it.  I definitely am feeling more positive and like I can get going again.  And, I keep reminding myself:  “There is no try…only do it or don’t do it” (paraphrased).
Today is a low carb day.  Breakfast every day involves carbs, so I had my ham & Swiss pie (made with eggs, cream and low fat cheese) (a small serving) and some watermelon.  I am supposed to eat 5 meals, 1 every 3 hours.  Every day.  So, at 10:30 I had some celery with LF cream cheese and some deli turkey.  On low carb days, except for breakfast, meals are supposed to be composed of protein (without fail), veggies and one serving of fat).  I was not really hungry by 10:30, but I ate what I was supposed to.  That is supposed to keep your metabolism revved up and keep you from burning muscle on your low carb days.
When I first decided to do this plan, my thought was that if nothing else, I could do the Easy Plan, which involves alternating low carb and high carb days, with a reward meal on every high carb day, and two high carb days in a row on the weekend.  You are supposed to lose very slowly that way, but lose nonetheless.  Since I was lacking in motivation, I thought I could at least do that.  Right now, I am feeling more motivated, so I think I will do the Classic Plan, which is alternating low carb and high carb days Sunday through Friday, with an off-day on Saturday (if your week starts on a Sunday).  I think I can do that and I will like having an off-day once a week, rather than just a reward meal.  That is not to say you go hog-wild on your off-day, but it is more relaxed and you can eat comfort foods you enjoy.  If I get on a good roll and want to go faster, I can do the Turbo Plan, which is 2 low-carb days, 1 high-carb day, 2 LC, 1 HC and 1 off-day.  But I will start a little slower until I get going.
I had a little bit of trouble going to sleep last night and thus overslept, so I did not do the recumbent bike.  It will take me a while to get rolling on the fitness part of this with my current pain level, but I will do the best I can.  I hope to get my shoulders feeling better after my doctor’s appointment Thursday, but I don’t know if they will give me any restrictions.  My left shoulder/arm is hurting quite a bit when I move it away from my body.  I do not know if that is nerve pain or something more structural (it feels more like the latter).
Still struggling with headaches.  I surely would like to get free of having these continually.
Lunch was salad with pico de gallo, fajita chicken and veggies and a tablespoon of ranch dressing mixed with salsa.  It was pretty good, except the chicken needed more flavor.  Afternoon “meal” was some deli turkey and thin-sliced cheese wrapped around a dill pickle spear.
Dinner was going to be another salad, but that didn't appeal to me when I got home, so I had more ham and Swiss pie.
I’m craving carbohydrates mildly, but I will be able to have some tomorrow.  My carbs for snack meals will likely be fruit.  The other meals will either be a typical carb like a slice of bread, rice, sweet potato or corn.  Since low carb days alternate, it won’t be as hard to resist cravings, knowing I will get something carby the next day, and even something sweet once a week.
The prize I have my eyes on right now is just getting back into some of my clothes that are too tight.  And pain reduction.  That is always a motivation.
I got on the scale this morning and I was down .3 pound.  Lol.  Better than going the other way, I guess.  I’m ready to get moving.
So, I made it through Day 1.  I didn't drink quite as much water as I should, but I was sitting on the switchboard and that makes it tough.  But I drank more than I have been.

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