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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Stocking Up

I am gearing up to really get going.  I have been doing better, but I needed the groceries to really get started on carb-cycling.  I bought a load from Costco today and will get the rest of what I need tomorrow to stock up.  Going to both places was too much for one day.  I am planning a low-carb day tomorrow.  Monday will be high-carb with a cheat meal.  I know that is soon, but we have plans for Labor Day that were already made.  The slow plan on carb cycling allows you to have a cheat meal every other day.  I know that is not advisable, but that is one reason I chose this.  I thought, if nothing else, I could do the slow plan. If I'm struggling, I would know that even if I can't have something today, I can have it tomorrow.  I really want to get started on a faster plan, but that is there if I need it.

I plan to get started on the recumbent bike Tuesday morning.  Today I did a lot of walking and will tomorrow too.  Monday I plan to be in the pool a little bit and am going to do some stretching, etc. then.  And maybe some treading water, which will be a little cardio.  I still haven't gotten through the exercise part of Chris Powell's book, so need to do that.  I won't be able to do everything he recommends.  I do want to start on some core exercises for my back's sake and a lot of stretching, which I think will help my pain levels.  I just need to get going on some sort of routine.

I still feel a little weak-willed, but I need to remember, "There is no try -- just do or don't do."   It's time to get going.

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