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Sunday, August 31, 2014


Well, I'm totally stocked up and ready to get started.  We have a Labor Day get-together to go to tomorrow, so my plan is to really get started Tuesday.  But my eating has been reasonable.  I won't be surprised if I've lost a pound when I weigh tomorrow.

I'm kind of excited, in a way.  I've gone through that sinking feeling for a few months now when you put on something and it is not fitting well.  I put on a shirt this morning that used to be pretty loose and my thought this time was, well at least I will start going the other way soon.  I know I could have done that at any time the last few months, but the confidence was not there.  I didn't have the confidence to even start, most of the time.  I was pretty depressed for a while there, and that always makes me feel paralyzed.  It's a vicious circle.  I'm glad I'm feeling better, and I will start feeling even better when my weight is going in the right direction again and I am practicing better habits.

Sometime between now and Tuesday morning I need to get meals mapped out for at least a couple of days.  I don't have a good grasp on what to do on the low-carb day and high-carb day, so I can't decide in the moment as easily.  Planning is always better anyway.

We bought a ton of groceries and I had to work to get it all in the refrigerator and freezer.  Some of it is going to work with my daughter, so it will get better.  (Why do we do that?)  I am so looking forward to them getting a grocery store downtown (which is supposed to happen in 2016, lol).  I think then I will just buy for a couple of days and hopefully not overbuy like I often do now.  I need to do this (start this eating plan) and not waste the food we have bought.

Things are going pretty well at work, and that is making me feel good.  I'm taking on new projects and doing things I haven't done before (like finding a case for my boss that supports a certain set of facts).  It is challenging and satisfying.  Confidence in one area can help you in another area, so I'm glad for that.

Pain is not too bad, but I've been having headaches and I'm trying to keep them under control.  And one shoulder is really hurting when I move it away from my body.  Sadly, that is just something I have to deal with, so no biggy.  Hopefully the doctor can do something for it.

That's all today.  Just getting ready to get going.

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