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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Baby Steps

Just a quick post to try to keep things going.  I had a decent weekend -- better than I've had in a while.  I didn't feel so down and was mildly productive, instead of sitting in front of the TV all weekend.

I have continued my efforts with eating only when my stomach is hungry and that is going pretty well.  I eat what I want to when I do eat, but I have been good about stopping when I was satisfied.

It would be nice if my weight would begin to respond, and it may a little, but I know I will have to do more than this to make much progress.  My back is hurting me and I am quite sure part of it is from the gained weight.  But I feel better for the progress that has been made the last few days.  It's nice to be feeling a little better.

When I say my back hurts, it is just a backache.  None of the really bad radiating pain I was having before surgery.  I know getting my weight down would help.  It also helps to keep moving a bit instead of sitting too much.  Baby steps, but at least I am taking some.

Have a great week everyone!

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