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Friday, April 25, 2014

Trying to Get On a Better Track

I’m trying to get going today.  Something happened yesterday that was kind of disconcerting to me.  Who knows why that particular thing hit me harder than anything else that could have, but it did.  I heard that an acquaintance (a female co-counsel we had on a case a while back) had a stroke and is in ICU and “it wasn’t good.”  I knew she was right about my age.  She has high school children.  She is kind of overweight, but not even as much as I am.  Although I didn’t know for sure, I had the intuition that she might not live.  I have read how strokes have been linked to insulin resistance, and certainly with diabetes, and knowing my sugar issues, it kind of scared me.  I didn’t know what caused her to have the stroke, but it was very sobering to me.  It just made me want to get back to working on my health again.  I found out today that she went to the hospital Sunday not feeling well.  They determined she had a very aggressive form of leukemia (she had not known it) and then she had the stroke.  She is on life support and they speculated her family would remove life support as soon as family from out of town had come to town and gotten a chance to see her.  It is so very, very sad.  I really like her.

So I am trying to get going today.  I’ll take whatever motivation I can get.  I am having back pain and pain down the backs of both legs, although not the really bad sciatic pain.  I feel certain weight gain is part of the problem.  I am planning to go low carb, for the most part, although I will eat fruit and most any kind of vegetable.  (I figure if God made it, and man didn’t mess with it too much, it must be pretty good for you.)  I had eggs with cheese for breakfast.  I did have my leftovers from yesterday’s meal out yesterday for lunch, which was chicken parmesan (ate the rest of the chicken, but not all of the linguini).  I also had some cuties (oranges).  My main goal today was more water and no sugar and just to try to be more sane with my eating.  As soon as I can get groceries after I get paid next week, I can do better.  I don’t want to attempt anything too drastic, because I have not been sticking to that and doing something is better than giving up and doing nothing.

Stephanie is probably about ready to bingo (go to the hospital with another intestinal obstruction).  They had her swallow this big pill and then they were going to x-ray her within 36 hours to see if it was still in her system.  She was in so much pain, they went with the x-ray.  It is already stuck, but it will dissolve.  It is up to the surgeon what they will do – wait, or go ahead with surgery.  But I can’t continue to let this trip me up, since it seems to be an ongoing thing in my life.

I do feel “stronger” than I have in a few weeks.  Hopefully I can put some more successful days together and get on a better track.
Have a good weekend!


  1. I'm sorry its taken something so terrible to get you moving again but your friend would want you to carry on and make the changes so that you can be there for your children in the future. small changes are always best then you can keep adding more changes as you progress. good luck.

  2. This is great! I think the biggest problem regarding weight loss is that people don't eat enough which results in metabolic damage which then results in people spending the rest of there lives trying to get in to shape. So many people get in shape from eating dangerously low amounts of calories and excessive amounts of cardio and then then they gain it all back and can't get it off again.


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