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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Time to Get Moving

I’m starting to get myself together a little after the surgeries and the wedding.  I was so tired yesterday, I didn’t feel like focusing on much of anything, but today I am trying to get back to it, at least a little.

The wedding went well.  We had one scare in that we were supposed to be given access to the venue at 2:00 p.m. for a 5:30 wedding.  The ones who were there doing the set-up called us at about 2:15 and said no one had showed up yet to open the building.  Bethany began trying to make phone calls, but no one answered because it was Sunday.  It was a city-owned building.  After a while she was in tears and you had to wonder if there was going to be a wedding.  They showed up a little before 3:00 and said their paperwork said to open the building at 3:00.  They showed them our paperwork, which said 2:00.  We will have some haggling to do with them.  Not only should we not have to pay for that hour, but I think she should be given a bigger discount because of the emotional roller-coaster they put her on.  This wasn’t some smaller thing, like a family reunion or something.  This was a wedding and we had a lot to do in a short amount of time to get everything put together.

We were not able to have the ceremony outdoors.  The high was in the 50’s and dropping on Sunday and the wind was blowing hard and cold.  There is a screened porch around two sides of the building.  We entered the room from that porch to walk down the aisle and it was freezing!  All the ladies had on sleeveless or strapless dresses, so we were cold!  The room was hard to heat too, but it was okay.  The wedding was beautiful and the bride was beautiful.  I don’t have many pictures yet, but here are a couple taken with our phones.

Stephanie and Bethany - Maid of Honor and Bride
(My Beautiful Girls)

Mother and Bride

Mother of the Bride
One sweet thing was that during the reception, they called me up to the DJ stand.  Bethany said a few words about me as a mother, that I was her rock, etc. (very sweet and humbling things), and then I danced with Jacob (my son) while someone sang Mama’s Song by Carrie Underwood.  I shed a few tears during Bethany’s vows, and quite a few more during that song, but managed to hold it together the rest of the time.

I was still very tired this morning, and I am sore.  I did more than I should have Sunday, but tried not to do anything too extreme.  However, I was folding up and carrying chairs, among other things, two weeks after a hysterectomy and four weeks after back surgery.  I just didn’t feel like I could sit around and let Tom’s family do all the work.  I don’t feel like I have injured myself or anything, but I am sore.  It mostly feels like it is sore muscles from using some I haven’t used in a while, but my abdomen is a little sore too.  Except for work, I didn’t do anything yesterday.  My loft is a pit right now, but I am going to get rested up before I worry about it.  I was still quite tired this morning, but have felt better as the day has gone on.  I still plan to take it easy tonight.  I was so tired and sleepy last night, I forgot to take any medication before bed and slept rather fitfully.  I won’t do that tonight.

My goal today, eating-wise, is to stay away from sweets.  I need to get off of sugar again.  I am trying to eat fairly healthily otherwise, but mostly trying to stay away from sweets today.  I had a ham, mushroom, egg and swiss sandwich on wheat bread from Potbelly this morning.  Lunch was a Farmhouse Chicken Salad from Potbelly for lunch.  My daughter is bringing home some rotisserie chicken from Boston Market for dinner tonight.  We need to buy groceries and do some meal planning.  That won’t be happening today, though.  Rest, rest, rest is my plan for at least a couple of more days.

One thing I am using for motivation on getting off sugar is an article I read about how sugar affects your arteries and leads to heart disease, among other things.  It said it was like sand paper to your arteries, which roughs up the walls of the arteries, which is what causes the plaque to build up – not cholesterol in your food.  Sometimes just the effect it has on weight loss is not enough to keep me from eating sweets when I really want them, but that information helps me a little more.  It is worse for you than anything else you can eat, in my opinion.

Now that the wedding is over and my back is so much better and I will be able to start getting more exercise, I feel the need to get back to more of a lifestyle mentality and less of a diet mentality.  My thoughts this morning were about drinking Atkins shakes, etc. for breakfast and lunch when I realized what I was doing.  I was trying to do what I could before the wedding without being able to get any exercise, but things have changed now.  So my focus will be on healthy eating, with a reasonable amount of calories (probably somewhere around 1,500 per day).  I hope that with the hormone replacement therapy, my body will be a little more cooperative about letting go of weight, but that remains to be seen.  After I feel rested, I plan to start walking more and more.  Then, after a couple of more weeks, I will start on some strength training, starting slow and building up.  That’s the plan.  Now that I am doing so much better, I have no excuses.  Time to get moving.


  1. Gorgeous pictures!!!
    As a venue owner, I would tell you that you should definitely get a refund - that is completely unacceptable!!! No one should have to go through that kind of stress on what should be one of the best days of their lives!!

  2. I love your dress! You and the girls are beautiful. So glad it went well, except for the drunk uncle - always has to be one, right?!


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