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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Surgery Report

I am one day out from surgery and feeling pretty good.  I have gotten up to walk twice, and guess what?  No leg pain!!!  There is back pain, obviously, because that is where the work was done.  The doctor said the nerve was more bound up than they anticipated.  I kept trying to tell them how bad I was hurting!

On my walk this morning, the nurse kept having to tell me to slow down.  So that is good progress.  I have had a little pain in my right thigh when I lay too flat.  They said that is because it is stretching the sciatic nerve and did not seem to be concerned about it.  I am staying one more day in the hospital since Stephanie (my biggest helper) is sick with an upper respiratory infection, or something.  She is going to the doctor this morning.  Bethany is busy with wedding stuff, so wouldn't be available to help much today, and my sister (who stayed with me at the hospital yesterday) is going home this afternoon.  With the dogs and cat to deal with at home, I thought it best to have one more day of rest before going home.  I have one more dose of antibiotics to be taken at 9:00 and then they will remove the IV.  I was on morphine until less than an hour ago, so will see how I do now that I am changing to oral meds.  I'm ready to have the IV out so I can get up without having to be unhooked from everything.

I'm about to get those meds and am starting to get drowsy, so am going to nap for a bit before people get here to visit with .

Have a great weekend.  I'm so glad I got this done!  (If it's a little garbled, remember I am drugged and drowsy.  I'm just not sure.  Lol.)

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