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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Another Decision

I got word from my back doctor that she would prefer that I wait 3-4 weeks after the back surgery to have the other surgery.  I asked for the estimation of when I could return to work.  With the desk job, she said probably 3-4 weeks, but 6 weeks is a safe estimation.  :/  However, I will have my first post-surgery appointment exactly 2 weeks after the surgery, and then they will let me know if I can return to work.  She said it was possible I would be ready in just two.

Now I don't know whether to wait for the other surgery until at least after the wedding, or what.  The closer we get to trial (in June), the tougher it will be on others if I am off, so the smarter thing, I think, is to go ahead and get it in the 3rd week after back surgery.  I don't think my boss is going to like that too much, but it really is smarter than waiting until after the wedding.

Tell me, if you knew there was a chance that the cysts you had in the body were cancerous, even a small chance, would you want to wait several months, or even several weeks, to know for sure?  I just want to get it out of me.  The Lord knows, and I am sure He has it all in His plan.

I have pre-op testing and surgery counseling this morning.  So another busy day.  Over and out.

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