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Friday, January 24, 2014


I am going to be more real here than usual (and I know that is saying something), but just in case someone is following my plan, I want them to have a heads-up.  I had the most miserable night last night – not because of back pain, but because I was so constipated.  I won’t go into the gory details.  Suffice it to say that when you follow this plan, you might want to take a regular supplement to guard against this happening.  Of course, I am also on pain medication (narcotic) and that also causes your system to slow down.  But I have been taking veggie lax tablets every morning and evening that I remember to do it, and I still had a big problem.  I have now started taking Muralax to hopefully help this situation.  It was pretty miserable and I didn’t get much sleep until after about 2:00 in the morning.
This, compared to what my friend is going through, however, is minimal.  She had gastric bypass a few years ago (maybe 3?).  She experienced an obstruction in her intestine and had to have, I think, 4 feet of her intestine removed (because it was necrotic), in addition to what was removed in the gastric bypass.  I don’t believe that situation was related to the gastric bypass, but possibly from her hysterectomy.  Something that caused scar tissue to wrap around her intestine.  She is now in “permanent” dumping syndrome with about everything she eats.  That means she has diarrhea all day, every day.  The pain and discomfort she is going through is immense.  They are working on different combinations of diet and medication to see if they can get it under control.  She is to the point where she doesn’t want to eat anything at all.  Yet she still wears a size 20 and is 5’2 (or maybe 5’4” – anyway, looks a lot bigger than me).  It is for this reason that I do not recommend gastric bypass.  With the obstructions my daughter has had, and the problems my friend is having, I don’t want anyone messing with my intestines if it is not absolutely necessary.  Scar tissue can be a serious thing.
I have stuck to my plan all week.  I am looking forward to a day off.  I will not eat sugar this time, however.  I just will not be drinking shakes for breakfast, lunch and snack.  We are planning on going to a gourmet sandwich place tomorrow.  They have the best sandwiches ever!  My cubie made some microwave popcorn today and it smelled so good!  She offered me some, but I didn’t partake.  But I think I will have some tomorrow!
It’s mid-afternoon and I am hungry.  Hungrier than I have been all week.  I have another shake and some raw vegetables I can snack on, but I don’t want to do it too early.  I’m so glad tomorrow is an off day.
I am also tired this afternoon, which is probably another reason I am wanting to eat.  Being tired is a big trigger for me.  It’s probably best I go ahead and have my snack.
Beginning on February 1, I think I will do at least one week of a more regular, whole foods diet.  Not before then, because I bought groceries to do the present plan and don’t really have the money to alter it at this point.
Finances are rough right now.  My daughter is still not working (although she has been putting out plenty of resumes/applications).  She had two interviews today, and one looks promising.  (She got called back for a second interview!  Yay!)  I think everyone is just now getting up and rolling after the new year.  She really hopes she gets this one, and if she does, that will solve some of my problems.  I have to come up with the money to pay her COBRA insurance, since it would be catastrophic for her to lose her health insurance.  It is over $600.  One of the people she has worked for recently (keeping someone’s kids before the end of the year) still hasn’t paid her.  And her unemployment payments stopped coming through.  She has to take this orientation course, but no one told her that before her payments stopped coming.  Both of those would help in paying her car payment, which I am also going to have to help her with (I co-signed the loan), and the COBRA payment.  I am not saying any of this to blame her.  She is doing the best she can and her biggest problem is her health problems, and I certainly cannot blame her for those.  I also have to come up with the money to pay for my injection and the surgery, should that happen.  My plan is to borrow from my 401(k), but I’m trying to decide just how much I need to borrow.
As usually happens, toward the end of the day, the sciatic nerve is starting to fire and I am hurting.  I still have an hour and a half to go.  I took extra medication (doctor sanctioned), but it hasn’t had time to work yet.  I already look like I’m exhausted from the night I had last night.  I just hope this settles down so I don’t have a miserable evening.  I hate that this happens right before I have to walk home.  Sitting is what I need to do to get it to settle down.  I could have someone pick me up, but I have to walk almost as far to do that as to take the shortest route home, so there is no point.  I’ve got 10 minutes for it to settle down.  Ugh.
I'm home now.  Hopefully I can stay off my feet for the rest of the night.  TGIF!  Over and out.

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