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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Rough Day

It's been a rough day.  I decided to sleep in the bed last night, flat, with pillows under my knees, just as I always did until this episode started.  I thought, either I'm doing better or not, but I need to know where I stand before going to the doctor tomorrow.  I lasted 15 minutes.  That's all it took before the pain was shooting from my hip down my leg and out my foot.  I moved to the chaise and took medicine, but it took two or three hours before I could go to sleep.

I was still kind of hurting this morning, and this afternoon it started up and only just now let up some after taking extra medicine and taking a hot bath.  I also took a couple of muscle relaxants, so hopefully I will do okay tonight in the chaise and can sleep.

I stayed right on plan with my eating and drank a good bit of water.  The scale is finally starting to move a little.  I did decide to add a few calories in case the problem was that I was not eating enough.  I had a banana with breakfast and a 100-calorie pack of almonds with my lunch.  However, I did not have my afternoon snack, so it was really about the same.  I was busy and not particularly hungry.

That's it.  I'm ready to be fixed.  Over and out.

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