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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Beyond Ready

Well, I did doctor stuff all morning.  I had an appointment for my annual physical early this morning and another appointment for my sonogram after that.  I feel thoroughly violated now.  J  Nothing really out of the ordinary happened except it was a little disconcerting to see among the blood tests my doctor ordered, a couple of tests for ovarian cancer screening.  That is because of the cyst they saw in the MRI.  I feel sure it is nothing, but you have to take the precautions.  Otherwise, she said everything looked really good.
I am interested to see my blood sugar level and my HDL, LDL and Triglyceride levels since I have been doing Atkins.  She asked me if I was doing anything to watch my cholesterol.  I stumbled around a little and told her I was on a weight loss diet.  I have read so much about how high cholesterol is not caused by eating things with fat and cholesterol, but she obviously is part of the old thinking.  So this test will be telling to me.  I have always had low cholesterol (it’s heredity).  My paperwork said the last time they measured it, it was 142.  The only thing not good about it was that my HDL was a little low.  But with cholesterol that low, they don’t worry about it.  They said exercise more and that should take care of it.  I eat good fats all the time, but do not eat hydrogenated fats except once in a blue moon (in commercially baked products).  The thing I would like to improve in that area (when I can afford it), is I would like to be eating butter and cheese from grass fed cows and any meat and animal fat I eat to come from naturally raised animals.  It is so expensive to do that!  Mostly I eat olive oil, nuts, avocados and that type of thing.  But I do eat a little butter, and of course eat a lot of meats.  I say that.  Right now I eat some kind of meat, fish or chicken once a day (and sometimes we have eggs), except on one day of the weekend.  So I am not even getting that much of it.
The guy doing the sonogram wouldn’t say anything.  I asked if he could see the cyst and he asked, “oh, have you been told you have a cyst?”  So I told him they saw one on an MRI, like last time.  He said he wasn’t allowed to tell me, but I kind of have a feeling it was there.  He couldn’t see everything he needed to see with just the regular sonogram, so I had to have the scope inserted vaginally.  Fun, fun.  I should hear tomorrow.
I purchased a cancer policy from AFLAC this year.  It took effect on January 1, but there is a 30-day waiting period.  If I had a diagnosis of cancer during that waiting period, it would not be covered.  I got to thinking about that after my appointments today.  Today is the 30th (the 30th day).  But, God forbid, if there was that kind of diagnosis, it wouldn’t happen from just the sonogram and the blood test.  They would have to follow up with other tests.  But I told my doctor about it and she is aware of it.  The only reason I purchased the policy is that all my kids went off my insurance this year, so I went ahead and used some of the extra funds to purchase it since there is some cancer in my family (my mother had lymphoma and my grandmother had some kind of cancer).  It is a kind of better-safe-than-sorry thing.  I had no idea about the cyst at the time I signed up for the policy and thought that waiting period would be no problem.  And hopefully it won’t.  (And I fully expect this cyst thing to be nothing or minor.)  If you don’t have any AFLAC policies, I highly recommend them.  They have helped me and my kids so much.  I used to have a dental policy, and then later had the accident policy and the hospital indemnity policy (which has been a real blessing with my daughter’s issues).  And now I have the cancer policy.  All of them pay for bills and lost income when you are sick or hospitalized.  It has been a lifesaver, to replace lost income when my daughter has had to be in the hospital the last two years.
I started out feeling better today, with my back, than I did yesterday.  I hurt until bedtime last night.  I slept in the chaise, so perhaps that is what helped.  But that will cause my neck to get flared up again.  My shoulders are really hurting.  I am waiting on a call from my doctor’s office.  Goodness, I am ready for my life to not be all about doctors, etc.
Toward the end of the day, I am deteriorating again.  My back doctor’s office called back and I told my doctor’s assistant that things seemed to be getting worse, I have no confidence that the injection will work, since the ones in the past have not, and I wanted to skip the injection and do the surgery.  She is going to talk to the doctor and get back to me.  If I can get that done, I am hopeful that I will be on the road to recovery and get moving on with my life.  I am beyond ready.

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