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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Sometimes Good Things Happen When You Least Expect Them

I'm at home this morning, at least for now (because of the ice storm).  I might be able to trek the block and a half, but I called and no one is at work.  So I will try doing a little work from home, if I can get the remote connection to work.   If not, and my boss doesn't insist on picking me up, maybe I will just enjoy the "snow day."  :)

On days like today, you want to curl up with something like a cinnamon roll and a cup of hot chocolate (since I am not a coffee drinker).  But that doesn't get me where I want to go.  An Atkins shake didn't sound too appealing, so I opted for a protein bar for this morning.  I don't want to do that every day, but the change was nice.  Tomorrow I will eat a little more normally, for my higher carb day.  First I have to get to tomorrow morning's weigh in.  I was .6 above my lowest this morning, so I am almost there.  10 pounds in one week (mostly water, of course) -- not bad!


The rest of the day didn't turn out anything like I thought, but it turned out very well -- very well indeed.  I decided I needed to go to work and made the trek there.  It wasn't too bad -- actually, it was bad, but I didn't have any problems.  My boss showed up a little while later.  No one else showed up for work today.  Just me and my boss.  So after we worked (separately) for a little while, he took me to lunch at the City Club.  I wasn't expecting to eat a regular lunch, so I decided to eat a reasonable lunch and have my shake for dinner today.  So I had some chicken broth, a spinach salad, some fresh fruit, a small lamb chop and a small piece of steak, some green beans with mushrooms, and some baked tomatoes with parmesan (there was a buffet).  I am so amazed at how far I have come in many ways.  In times past I would have felt so shy in a situation like that, but I felt comfortable and we talked easily with no uncomfortable silences.  I really love my boss (platonically, of course).

Then my friend who was coming to town texted me that the marathon had been cancelled, but that he was in town and he wanted to take me to dinner tonight (no brother and brother's family, just my friend).  So, that meant I would not be having a shake for dinner.  I thought about him all day as I was working and I was feeling quite sure that he was intending more than just friendship and this was a meeting to see if we both felt that way.  I have known this guy all my life through my family, but have not seen him much for many years except once in a blue moon.  We have been talking a little on FB lately and he has always been very encouraging to me.  Not long ago, we had such a conversation and I began to think he might be interested in more.  I was beginning to entertain ideas about that.  So, we had dinner tonight.  I had to drive through the ice for us to meet up, but made it okay.  I wasn't sure all through dinner what he was thinking, but we talked easily and opened up a lot to each other.  It turns out our lives have had some similarities.  We have been through some very similar things.  We have reason to uniquely understand each other in many ways.  We talked for three hours and decided we'd better go because of the roads.  Long story short, he walked me to my car and kissed me good night.  So I guess we were on the "same page."

The biggest problem is he lives 10 hours away.  But his job is something he could do almost anywhere and he said he was well known in his field and could get a job most anywhere.  So, if it came to that, perhaps he could move here.  I am just supposing at this point.  We will be keeping in touch, that is for sure.

We went to Pappadeaux for dinner.  I had about half of a house salad and half of my entrĂ©e of bacon wrapped shrimp.  However I did not eat any of the rice.  I think I did very well under the circumstances.  I wasn't very interested in eating anyway, it seems.

Interestingly, I made a list some time ago of traits I wanted in a man if I were to ever remarry.  This guy fits a great many of them to a tee.  I'm not saying he's "the one," but, well, we will see.  Time will tell.  :D  Did I mention I like tall guys and he is 6'6"?  Yeah.  I am 5'7".  I can wear heels all I want to.

Sometimes good things happen when you least expect them.  :)


  1. Just catching up on my blog reading - and thought THIS is the post I would comment on! First, so glad you are on the "same page!" and a kiss goodnight??!! Woop!

    You have to remember you are a completely different person you were when you were married, and you separated and divorced for all the right reasons.

    I too think things happen for a reason - whatever happens - I hope it makes you happy!


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