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Tuesday, December 10, 2013


I am realizing this holiday season how important mindsets are when it comes to sticking with my weight loss program.  In years past, the mindset was, “It’s the holidays, enjoy it now and deal with it after New Year’s.”  So, almost every day goodies arrived at the firm from clients, vendors, co-workers, etc., and I partook without much thought.  Until New Year’s, when I had a lot of ground to make up.  This year, my mindset is to stick with my program except for certain allowed (and limited) occasions.  So when the goodies arrive, I don’t really give them much thought.  I can’t have any, so why bother thinking about them?  And it is working!  This New Year’s is going to be much better than most of those in the past!  (I do remember one Christmas season when I lost 4 pounds!)

I wrote the above this morning.  This afternoon, I literally feel like the fat is being eaten off my bones, I am getting so hungry.  I also have that exhausted feeling you get when you need to eat.  I feel sure it is because of the steroids.  I feel resolved as far as not partaking in any Christmas goodies, but I am so hungry, I do feel like I want to eat more than I planned to for the afternoon.  My plan is to hold out and wait for dinner.  Sometimes we have to feel uncomfortable to get where we want to go.  I'm going to go drink down some water and see if that helps.  (It did.)

I started the steroid pack the doctor prescribed a couple of weeks ago.  I don't know if that is why I feel so hungry right now, but I assume it is.  Granted, I am not eating much during the day right now, but it hasn't bothered me much until today.  That is why I think it is the steroids.

My boss just told me we would be staying pretty late and the thought occurred to me:  my daughter cooked up a bunch of food for the week and I live a block and a half away, so I asked my daughter to warm me up something and bring it to me.  That way I can stay right on track!  Problem solved.  I can do exactly what I had planned.

One thing I have been enjoying most nights is some SF hot chocolate with some cream and SF caramel syrup added.  This is where I am getting the bulk of my carbs every day right now, although I also get some from the vegetable I eat at night.  It hits the spot in many ways and makes me feel like I am having a treat.

Since my new beau is quite an athlete, it is quite motivating to me to keep going on my weight loss.  Not to try to measure up, but I do want him to be proud of me.  He would be proud of me anyway, but this would be something we shared together.  I am not looking at it as a way to measure up and be accepted, but it is very motivating in a positive way.  Does that make sense?

It's 8:15 and I am still working, so I'm going to go ahead and get this posted.  One more day at work this week and then two days off.  But no rest for the weary, since I will be moving those days.

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