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Wednesday, December 4, 2013



I am encouraged.  The scale has dropped lower than it has been in several weeks.  It's definitely enough to make me want to keep doing what I am doing.  So, a cheese stick early this morning and an Atkins shake for breakfast.

I tried on the clothes I ordered (can't remember if I mentioned them yesterday).  The sweater is a 14/16 and the pants are an 18.  The sweater looks fine!  The pants are slightly snug in the waist (story of my life) and the rest is fairly roomy (not too big, but certainly not too small).  I can't decide if I should exchange them for a 16 or not.  I think I am going to go with them like they are because the 16's would probably be way too tight in the waist.  I could always take them up a little later if I need to.  I am waiting to wear that outfit until some jewelry I ordered comes in.

I've got most of my mornings and evenings mapped out for me through the move beginning a week from Thursday.  This doesn't feel as overwhelming as moves in the past.  I don't have nearly as much stuff as I used to and we don't have to pack everything as thoroughly as usual since we are just moving basically across the patio and up the elevator.  All of my planned tasks have to do with getting everything packed and cleaned by the end of next weekend.  I hope to leave everything in near-perfect condition.  It's funny how things don't get as messed up when you don't have kids.

Lunch was a smallish package of almonds and another Atkins shake.  I have an apple to eat if I get hungry this afternoon.

I don't know if I mentioned a while back that my boss had paid for another five yoga lessons.  I have been putting off getting started on those since we were working so much and so much other stuff has been going on, but I have a lesson tonight.  I probably will not schedule another one until after the move.  Stephanie is going to go with me -- the instructor offered that, and I think it will be beneficial to her.  I hope this will help (talking about me now).  I haven't been doing much lately because I have had so much going on and I have been in so much pain.  I definitely will have to take my pain med before I go, and I will be careful about anything that feels catchy or grabby.  I need to stretch out my calves and the back of my heels for the plantar fasciitis, for sure.  It is all so difficult with pain in the lower back, hips, knees, ankles and feet.  Going down stairs is extremely difficult right now and I have to do it slowly and carefully.  When I stand up after sitting a while, waves of pain wash over me and I have to wait a minute before taking a step.  I am also having trouble with my shoulders.  Ugh.  I am not looking forward to this.


The scale was down a couple of more pounds this morning.  I am almost where I was, at my lowest.  Most of this is water weight, of course, but even water weight makes your clothes a little tighter.  I am amazed at how much trimmer my legs are when I am not retaining fluid, and not just my lower legs.  My thighs are noticeably thinner.

So, I will keep doing what I am doing.  It is pretty easy, especially when I am busy.  I will have to be careful of the jar of cashews Jerry received from a business colleague.  He leaves them out to share.  I can eat cashews, but it would be easy to eat too much.  He also received a big tin of butter cookies, but I think I can stay away from those.  I mean, I CAN stay away from those.

I went to yoga last night and I did feel a little better afterward.  However, I am having just as much pain this morning.  I am going to give myself four months of doing it regularly to see how much long-term help it does.  That doesn't mean I would stop then; I just think if it is going to help enough, it will be helping by that amount of time.  I want to give conservative treatment a full chance to work.

I had a stick of cheese when I got up this morning and an Atkins shake for breakfast.  I had a few cashews this morning, but not an excessive amount (I always eat a little of something or other, whether it be cheese, nuts, a piece of fruit, etc., to supplement the shakes, so this is not more than I have been doing).  I had another Atkins shake for lunch and I am surprisingly full.  My future son-in-law is coming over to cook for me this evening.  His cooking usually involves some kind of grilling, so that should be fine.  However, he will likely time it to when my daughter gets off work, which has been pretty late lately.  Hopefully I won't get too hungry waiting for that.

About that -- at about 3:30, I was starving.  I ate a few cashews, but not much.  When I got home I had an apple, because I was right -- he was waiting for my daughter and she didn't get home until after 8:00.  I was so hungry!  He made steak with grilled asparagus, grilled onions and peppers and some sweet potato fries.  I didn't eat the sweet potatoes.  He only made enough for us to have a small portion (not used to our healthy appetites?), and I was not satisfied after I finished mine.  So I rolled up a couple of dill pickle spears with cheese slices and ham lunch meat.  That satisfied me.

I am hopeful I will pass my low weight this week.  I'm so happy to be moving!  And this is without working out.  I will get back to that after the move, except for yoga.  Then I am going to meet with the personal trainer at the gym for my 2 free sessions and try to get going on a workout routine I can handle.  I would love to get down to 200 by the wedding, but I know that is a lofty goal.

A friend of mine is coming to town to run the Dallas Marathon Sunday, along with his brother and brother's family.  I am going to dinner with them Saturday night.  This guy is my ideal guy -- tall and not thin, but not overweight.  In fact, he used to be quite large and lost 100 pounds a few years ago.  He is a great encouragement to me and is so sweet.  He roots me on in my weight loss efforts.  I hope we get closer now that we are communicating more.  He could be very good for me.  I haven't asked him yet, but I think his passion is helping people lose weight and get fit.  He also had back surgery years ago and so understands my pain issues.  I am anxious to see him Saturday night.  I hope they do not cancel the marathon because the weather is supposed to be freezing drizzle Sunday.  The route for the marathon has a turnaround right in front of my loft building -- how handy is that?  And they are staying in a downtown hotel, so that should be convenient.  I just hope the trip doesn't get cancelled.  I am looking forward to it, if you can't tell.  I just hope I don't get shy.

That's it for tonight.  I need to get a little more done on my "To Do List" before bed.  I stayed up too late last night.


  1. Keep us posted on whether you pass your low weight, I have faith in you :)



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