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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Catching Up

It's been a while since I posted.  Things have just been so busy.  We got moved, which was pretty tough for me.  We finished moving our stuff in on Sunday, the 15th, but I am still quite sore and my back, etc. is flared up.  My degree of pain is quite increased right now.  Last week was spent trying to get everything settled, as well as getting ready for Christmas, shopping and working my usual number of hours.

I did not try to do low carb during the days I was moving.  There wasn't time to think about much, and if pizza was there to eat, that is what I ate.  I tried at first to just drink an Atkins shake for breakfast and lunch, but I got too hungry with all the physical activity.  Hopefully all the physical work saved me.  After that, I was so worn out and there were so many goodies around, it was tough to resist.  I tried to keep my calories down, and hopefully the amount of activity engaged in every day kept me from gaining much.

Last week was tough.  I was so ready to get settled, but part of the thing that was slowing us down was that I had to purchase a few things to help us have enough storage space to put everything away.  I bought a portable pantry, a portable island, a "cubby" which has shelves and baskets (to store serving dishes that are not used often, and other stuff I do not have the cabinet space for), as well as a big entertainment center, which will also hold a lot of my books and other items (it was time for my bookshelves to go -- they were looking pretty sad).  The thing about all these things is that they had to be put together.  So we did that.  I also bought another bookshelf for my room.  I let my old bedroom furniture (except my bed) go, and am using what was Stephanie's (I bought it, she has just been using it), and Steph got herself a chest of drawers and 2 night stands with some insurance money she got.  She decided the stuff she was using was too big for her room.  I gave my old stuff to Bethany, for after she gets married.  She is going to re-do it to suit her taste.  Anyway, I don't have quite as much storage with my bedroom furniture, so got a bookshelf which also has some baskets to hold things, as well as shelves for some of my books, my printer, etc.  Once all those things were done, we were able to put everything away.

In the middle of all this, I had to go to work.  I admit to drinking SF Red Bulls last week and a couple of times this week, but it will end hopefully today.  Hopefully I can get caught up enough on rest this evening that I won't be feeling so incredibly tired.  I'm just trying to make it right now.  Every time I get still, I start feeling very sleepy.

We got through Christmas yesterday -- there was a big spread.  I ate a plateful at dinner, along with some desserts later in the day.  We sent most all of our leftovers with my son and a mother and son (a friend of my son's) who joined us yesterday.  They have been having a very rough time lately and we were glad to bless them with the leftovers.  Today, it is back on track.  I had intended to have an Atkins shake for breakfast and lunch, but my daughter came in with a plate of bacon and eggs she had cooked me for breakfast.  At least it is low carb.  I ate it and will have a shake for lunch and one for snack, if I need it.  I felt ready to leave the rich, carb-loaded foods behind today.  Hopefully any damage done will come off quickly.

We greatly enjoyed having our guests with us yesterday.  They both said it was the best Christmas they had had in many years (the mother shed a few tears) and knowing we had been a blessing to them made Christmas so much better for us.  I would like to do that every year.  My son has such a loving heart and is always helping out people he knows.  My daughters also felt blessed having them with us and we all agreed it made our Christmas so much better.

Now, my focus is back on being the Mother of the Bride in less than three months.  I have a lot of work to do.

I am extremely sore (but hopefully not injured) from all the activity of the last few weeks and feel like my body must have a break to recover (I have been extremely active, doing a lot of lifting, and on my feet for days on end).  So I intend to give it a rest through the weekend, and get back to my workouts in some form or fashion beginning Monday.  I will put together a plan that will help me make progress, but that works with my limitations, and hit it begining Monday.

My boss is sick today and will not be coming in, but I still have plenty to do.  Hopefully it will be a quiet day, even if somewhat busy.

I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas.

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  1. Wow, you have had so much going on - glad the move is behind you - I am sure all the exercising done while moving was a push against the pizza eating!

    Merry Christmas!! Hugs!


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