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Friday, December 27, 2013

A Really Rough Night

I had an extremely rough night last night.  In the past, most of the time, my back pain and radiating pain only bothers me when I am on my feet.  I can usually sit fairly comfortably and sleeping is not normally a problem.  Last night, however, I had just dozed off when my daughter came in to my room, for some reason.  When I stirred, sciatic pain hit me like it never has before.  It ran down my hip, thigh, back of my knee, calf and down to the bottom of my left heel.  Nothing I did would make it let up.  I tried every position I could think of and did some stretches like I have learned in yoga and massage therapy.  If anything, that made it worse.  Standing up on it was excruciating.  I got up and took a warm bath, hoping that would soothe it, but it did not.  I used ice and heat.  It was hurting so bad, I cried for about an hour and a half.  I know that doesn't do any good, but I couldn't help it.  You know how things always seem worse in the middle of the night?  I began to worry about being able to continue to earn a living, etc.  I was worried that the only thing that would cause it to ease up was surgery, as soon as possible.  I am not prepared for that, financially.  I thought about going to the ER, but I knew all they would do is give me pain medication.  So, although I took more than my prescribed dosage, that is what I did.  I know how much is too much, from experience with my daughter.  In other words, I know the dosages they have given her after her painful surgeries, so I knew the amount I was taking would be okay.  I also took a prescription dose of Naproxen and my muscle relaxant.  Finally, right after 4:00 a.m., I dropped off to sleep and slept until my daughter was stirring around getting ready for work.  I told her to turn on my lamp when she left for work, since I had already had a bath.  That would leave me enough time to get ready and get to work.

I have had only residual soreness so far today, but as I sit here, a place in my thigh is starting to throb and I am worried it is starting up again.  The only position that gave me any relief at all last night (and then, only a little) was to lay on my right side.  The trouble is, laying on my side will often mess with my neck, so my neck is feeling a little twinge-y today.  Ugh.  I looked online to see what stretch was recommended and the one I saw is one I have done in yoga (but did not do last night), so I will be doing those every night and maybe morning to make sure this doesn't keep happening.

However unpleasant that was, it is motivating.  I have to get my weight down further, both to see if that will help fix it and, if not, I have to have less belly fat for the surgery I need.  I did very well at getting back on track yesterday.  For dinner I had some ham and some roasted Brussels sprouts.  Later in the evening I had some SF hot chocolate.  Today, so far, I have had some mixed nuts (not too many) and a shake for breakfast and one for lunch.  I have not cared a bit about eating today.  That pain was too severe to want anything to do with dealing with it again.

So, despite my intentions of catching up on rest last night, that didn't really happen.  I did rest during the evening, but the lost sleep last night took me right back to exhaustion.  My boss was not here, so I spent my lunch hour in an empty office, taking a cat nap.  It was not the best sleep, but better than nothing.  I think one thing that causes me problems is if I spend too much time sitting up in bed watching television, which I did last night.  I need to sit in the chaise lounge next to my bed, which gives me more support.

Stephanie is worrying me.  She has been having a lot of back and shoulder pain since the move.  She and I did the bulk of the work, although Bethany and her fiancee did more of the heavy lifting.  Stephanie and I put in a lot more hours and were on our feet constantly, as well as doing mild and moderate lifting.  I hope she will improve as she takes it easy and doesn't do any more lifting or excessive staying on her feet.   She had major back surgery in 2011 after a car wreck (the same kind of surgery I would have to have, if it comes to that).  She has been feeling much better since her surgery, so this concerns me.  Hopefully she is just flared up and it will settle down.  This is one thing that restricts what type of job she can get.  She cannot be on her feet all day, because of the multiple foot and knee surgeries, as well as the back surgery.

I plan to start making financial preparations for surgery, even if I never have to have it.  Better safe than sorry.  I need to be able to pay my deductible and out-of-pocket expense, as well as compensate for my lost income if I had to take extended time off for surgery.  We are so short-staffed at work, it is hard to imagine how it would work for me to be off for several weeks.  And my backup is having health issues, herself.  I just want to get better and not ever need surgery.  I want to really focus on weight loss for the next 3 months -- until my daughter's wedding.  No several-week diversions.  As of January 1, I will have 75 days to work with.  I need to make every one of those count.

I got a little hungry this afternoon and ate a stick of string cheese.  The plan tonight is probably more ham and a veggie or ham and eggs.  We bought a spiral sliced ham for post-Christmas meals (we didn't have it for Christmas dinner).  I have a special lunch Monday, so plan to eat pretty strictly this weekend and have my higher carb day Monday.

That's it for today.  Here's hoping for some good rest tonight.


  1. My husband has intermittent back pain and I know how horrible that can be when you can't get relief in any position.

    Hoping you feel better by today! Hugs!

  2. I'm a nurse on a spine unit and I can just say, I'm so sorry! That kind of pain is so difficult!

  3. Thank you both. Unfortunately, not feeling any better. :(


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