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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

An Unexpected Move

Well, I fell apart eating-wise Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  I can't really explain why I did.  It all started with the candy bowl (which has peppermints and hard candy in it) on Friday.  Monday was not a strict Atkins today -- my variance was eating some frozen peaches.  I don't think I will gain too much weight eating that.  I have stayed on track today, although not my best eating day.

There has been so much going on and more stress added to the mix.  My daughter (Stephanie) got laid off yesterday.  They said it was because the real estate market is so slow, but I really think it had everything to do with Stephanie's health problems.  The thing I am most concerned about is her health insurance.  And her ability to get and keep a job.  Not because of her abilities, but because the obstructions and everything related to them keep happening.  She has her resume out and hopefully will find something soon.  If nothing else, she will be working temporary jobs.

Because of all this, both of my daughters will be moving in with me -- Bethany until her wedding in March, and Stephanie until she gets on her feet for a while.  I had checked with management to see if I might be able to transfer to a 2-bedroom at some point, and they had told me not until March.  So we were going to make do in my 1-bedroom.  I told management about both girls needing to move in and they said only 2 people are allowed to live in a 1-bedroom.  So they are letting me transfer to a 2-bedroom.  I will be moving in 30 days. I really like this loft.  The only thing I don't love about it is the kitchen is not as big as mine.  But that's okay.  We will work around that.  The bedrooms are bigger than mine, and that is the thing I like least about my present loft.  The bedroom is very small.  The best thing about the new one is it costs less than what I am paying now!  However, there will be some extra expenses with moving -- deposits, etc.  The timing on this is not great -- moving right at Christmastime, and it is totally unexpected for me, but that's where we are now.

A Glimpse of My New Loft -- in December
I will be paying all the rent with the current circumstances, but the girls have agreed to take care of the housekeeping, cooking, dog, etc. so that I don't have to lift a finger at home.  I will be able to go to the gym more and will take advantage of OT when I can, since I don't have to worry about things at home.  I may have to be paying for Stephanie's COBRA coverage until she gets another job with insurance coverage.

That's it for tonight.  I just wanted to check in.


  1. you know what ? the fight you are in and the struggle you are facing will find you the freedom and happiness you want to be the 500 days.
    inspiring fighters like you that fuel the aspiration on your readers like me.
    just keep fighting, ..never never give up..

  2. Sorry to hear things are rough right now. Hang in there.


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