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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Ready to Get Settled

I did what I said I was going to last night, and that makes me feel better.  I did not eat anything after the Thanksgiving luncheon.  I was tempted to eat "just a little something" last night, but it was more about wanting to eat than being hungry.  I felt a tiny gnaw by bedtime, but never really got hungry.  And I feel better for having held back the rest of the day.

Things are going along okay at home.  Steph is still gone to Albuquerque (should be back late today).  She said it went well with the new owner for Junior and his other dog.  They seemed to get along pretty well, which is good.  Junior has been a little iffy with other dogs except Tucker and Cas lately.  He plays rough, and other dogs misinterpret that and a fight ensues.  I am so glad he has a good home and Steph doesn't have to worry about that, and she doesn't have to worry about all the care he needed.  She can concentrate on taking care of herself.

Bethany did a little work around the loft last night.  It is difficult to do much until we make another trip to the storage unit.  I asked her if we could use Tom's pickup to do that (Tom was out of town on a job) and she said Tom didn't want her to do that work herself.  Hopefully we can get some done tonight.  I guess it is probably good, because I would have worked on that and that would not have gotten my back to feeling any better.  Bethany made breakfast for me this morning, which was nice.

She did ask if I would take Tucker out this morning.  (Tucker is going to have to stay with us for the next couple of months, by the way.)  I told her she needed to do that first thing in the morning.  She was going to just leave him in his crate all day without doing it and I would have felt bad about that, so I was going to at least take him to the 9th floor dog area.  But she did it herself before I got dressed to do it.   You have to understand that I have never been very good about speaking up as much as I should, and I have a tendency to just take things upon myself rather than do that.  I like peace and I don't like having to nag about things.  I think it is good that we did not get into that old pattern this morning.  The deal was, if the girls are going to live with me without paying rent, then I should not be having to lift a finger at home, and I certainly should not have to take care of their dog.  They should be taking care of my dog.  So I am glad she stepped up and did what she was supposed to.  She wants to get a workout in every morning, which I had encouraged her to do, but she needs to get up in time to do the other things she needs to do and not use that as an excuse to have me do them for her.  I made breakfast for us yesterday because she didn't have time.

We spent some time last night looking at wedding ideas.  She liked something she had seen in some wedding pictures where they had hung different types of old lanterns from the big tree at the venue she has chosen.  She saw another idea where you blow up a balloon, wrap string around the balloon, apply some kind of "hardener" and then pop the balloon.  It makes a colorful ball to hang from the tree or ceiling, or wherever you choose  It was pretty and interesting, and you could use the colors you want.  It will be an inexpensive way to do something similar to the lanterns.  We have a lot of work to do between now and March.  The fact that she does not have to pay rent gives her more money to work with to get it done.  And it is a special time I am sure we will always remember.

I hope things will get a little less cluttered this evening and I am able to get to my recumbent bike tomorrow morning.  If nothing else, I need to go to the fitness center at my lofts and use one of those recumbent bikes or the elliptical or something.  The fact that I did better after eating too much at lunch was encouraging and gives me motivation to keep moving.  More later.


I forgot that they would put out a spread of leftovers from lunch yesterday.  However, I pretty much stayed out of the kitchen and just had an Atkins shake for lunch.  I did have one small piece of a turnover (a fraction of a serving).  No more.

My future sil is supposed to cook dinner.  I'm not sure what is store with that.   He is a very good cook, especially with meats.  I got home before my daughter, so I will have to wait for that.  I had a stick of cheese while I am waiting.  Now I found out my daughter and fiancĂ© are going out to eat, so I will have to fend for myself.  Wish I had known that before I left work.  I would have gotten some of the leftover brisket from our luncheon.  I had some leftover Brussels sprouts with bacon and made myself some tilapia and some homemade tartar sauce.  Then I had some SF hot chocolate.  That's all for today.  A pretty good eating day.

I took an arthritis strength dose of ibuprofen today and that helped my pain a lot.  I had stopped taking my anti-inflammatory because it did not seem to do any good.  Maybe it was just that particular one.  I'm going to take a dose or ibuprofen tomorrow morning and see if I have a better day.  I do have a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning.  I don't expect much to come of it other than to be able to renew my prescriptions.  I will talk to her about my seemingly worsening pain.  I don't really want to do another MRI at this point.  I'd rather wait for next year and have it go against that deductible.

I need more boxes, but packed up the one I brought home today.  I wish we would get the rest of this done.  Tom doesn't seem to be in a big hurry, but I guess I understand since he has already done it all day.  I'd just as soon us do it ourselves if we are going to have to keep waiting.  I'm ready to get settled.

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