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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Little Blue

I'm feeling draggy this morning, and a little bit blue.  Sometimes you get a little too much solitude.

I got up shortly after my 5:15 alarm went off and put together some Pesto & Cheese stuffed Chicken Breasts.  I put them in to cook during my workout.  I felt really tired this morning.  I took my pain med at my 4:00 alarm, and took some Anacin when I got up for the ever-present headache.  I ate a stick of cheese to have something in my tummy.  I should have eaten a little more because I felt kind of weak during my workout.  I stopped at 30 minutes today.  I did do my arm work during the workout.  Tuesday seems to be a tough day for me for some reason.  But I got a workout done, and that's what is important!

Now, I'd better get going and get ready for work.


The "blueness" is still hanging on.  I think I am just ready to get moving on with my life.  Life has been too much about just work lately.  I am tired, burned out, and kind of lonesome.  Last night was cold, wet and dreary, but I loved the colder weather.  I just would have liked to have someone to curl up with and enjoy it (besides my dog and cat, lol).  The reason I liked the weather is it is starting to feel more like Fall and on to Winter.  It has been so warm in Texas, it doesn't equate with November and the Holidays approaching.

I am working hard to make changes in my life, but it doesn't make that much difference if I am sitting at home by myself all the time. Hopefully I will start making progress in that area soon.  A lady from my Sunday school class suggested we have lunch or brunch some Saturday, and she is starting a smaller group of ladies who live Downtown and Uptown (across a highway from Downtown) so we can get to know each other better.  I would like to have a group that gets together and plays cards or something every once in a while.  I really enjoy doing that.  I need to reach out and ask people myself instead of waiting for them to ask me.  That is the biggest way things will begin to change.

I went off plan today in what I ate, but not in amount that I ate.  Hopefully it will have no ill effect.  In my blue mood, I bought some sugar free candy this morning.  I ate it this morning, but did not have any lunch.  Mid-afternoon, I was not really hungry, but was having a strange (different) kind of headache and I wondered if it was because I needed to eat something.  I bought a cheese stick at the convenience store and ate that; it did seem to make my headache go away.  That will hold me until dinner, when I plan to have the pesto & cheese stuffed chicken and some roasted brussels sprouts flavored with a little bacon.  My calories for the day should be fine, but I have had too many carbs.  Could be worse.

Last night I was really wanting some hot chocolate.  Even with sugar free hot chocolate mix, it is pretty high carb.  I was seeing how much it would be if I made it from scratch with cocoa powder and Stevia.  Still more than I need to spend on it.  Most of the carbs come from the milk.  If I could use all cream it would be less carbs, but that would be too rich.  Then I got to thinking -- almond milk!  1 cup of almond milk has 1 gram of carbs.  I could add a little cream to it, if I wanted to, but with cocoa powder and Stevia, it would be pretty low carb.  I'm going to try it!  I could also use some Torani SF syrup of some sort.  I have ordered some, so I will try that out.  I also want to try making some almond milk ice cream.

I am having my daughter's fiance's family over for Thanksgiving.  We are dividing up who prepares what for Thanksgiving dinner.  She is going to bring the turkey and the desserts.  I will not be eating sugar on Thanksgiving, but I would like a dessert of some sort.  I have made this Jell-o pudding dessert in the past that has nuts and coconut and whipped cream.  Why can't I make that sugar-free?  I like the sugar-free Jell-o pudding okay, so I think I will do this at some point.  It will not be low carb, but I am not worrying about carbs on Thanksgiving.  But I do not want to eat sugar because it would throw me into cravings again.  I may make this dessert, or I may make a sugar free cheesecake of some sort.  I will have to decide.

I have to be in Plano tomorrow morning at 7:15 a.m., after going by my daughter's apartment first.  She is having a colonoscopy.  So I'm going to bed early tonight.  I won't get a workout tomorrow morning.  I guess sometimes it can't be helped.  Maybe I can get one done tomorrow evening, but I'm not very good at that.  I need to make a decision and just do it.

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