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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Wishing for a "Normal" Life

My longing for a more "normal" life increases every day.  But alas, it is not meant to be -- at least, not yet.

My daughter has been seeing a specialist since her last surgery (which I think was the end of July), to try to find out more specifics of why these obstructions keep happening and if anything can be done about it.  They have run a number of tests.  One thing they have found is that her indicators for inflammation are very high.  They did a test last Thursday called an MRE, which is basically like an MRI, except for your digestive system.  They gave her an injection of some sort to slow down her system for the test and then she had to drink the usual contrast solution.  She said she felt okay when she left from the test, but later in the day started throwing up.  She vomited numerous times that evening and did not feel well.  She did not go to work on Friday.  She was feeling a little better by Sunday, but then started feeling like her face was on fire, and Monday like her whole body was on fire.  Plus she has been having nausea and stomach pain.  That is still going on today.  Her employer told her she needed to get a release from the doctor before she came back.  She is trying to do that -- she needs to not lose her job -- but she does not feel well.  Yesterday they told her the results of the MRE.  They found narrowing in her colon, which is indicative of another blockage building.  The significant thing is, this is in her colon; her other obstructions have been in her small intestine (same place each time).  So this is not good news.  They are going to do a colonoscopy to get more information.

I am encouraging Stephanie to really work on her diet, especially to stop eating sugar.  That is the biggest thing I have seen nutrition-wise that increases inflammation.  I know there are others, but for her, that is the big one.  The trouble is, she cannot eat much of anything right now because of her nausea and pain.  In all honesty, I am praying for a miracle.

So, I'm feeling like doing some stress eating today.  I haven't acted on it at this point, but the temptation is there.  I am trying to remember my goals.  (I made it through, and did not act on it -- yay!)

Did I mention that yesterday I wore a pair of 16 pants to work?  They weren't the fit I would buy, but since I already have them and am losing, I don't mind wearing them a little tighter than I normally would.  The only thing that bothered me about them was I would like them to be a little longer.  They will get longer as they get looser.  I'm going to have to be breaking out the first batch of clothes from my clothing bins very soon.  :)

I have noticed with my eating that if I don't get to the right level of fullness after being hungry, then I keep wanting to eat.  But if I eat just a little more, then I am good for quite a long time.  For instance, if when I eat breakfast, I don't get quite full enough, then I am thinking about eating again right when I get to work.  I end up eating something I have planned for later, and then I get satisfied.  But then I am satisfied long enough to not need that thing I ate early at the time I actually planned it.  Does that make sense?  So, if I eat breakfast, don't get quite full, then eat the nuts I had planned for later in the morning, I am full enough until dinner.

Breakfast this morning was an omelet with some chorizo mixed in, topped with cheese.  It was really good, but like I said above, I was still a little hungry when I got to work.  I had brought some almonds for later, and had those at around 9:30 or so.  I had planned to have the almonds and some salad at lunchtime, so just had the salad at lunch.  If it goes like it has been, I will be fine until dinnertime.  (It was!  In fact, I worked until 8:15 and was fine until I got home.  A little hungry at one point, but it passed quickly.)

I have noticed that one thing I have not been saying as much lately is that I am tired and sleepy at work.  That is probably because there has been so much to do that I don't have time to get sleepy, but I do think that has improved a little, especially with as many hours as I have been working.  I am feeling that way a little today and felt the need for a little caffeine.  I don't have caffeine any more, most days.

I did my ab and upper back/shoulders exercises last night.  I hope I get off at a reasonable time tonight, because I didn't work out this morning.  My head felt like it was going to crack open.  I sure do need to push through those times.  :(

Since I did not get off until later, no workout tonight.  I think I might add 10 minutes to each of the rest of my morning workouts to make up for it and still get the same amount of time done.

My boss has already told me that he will be in late tomorrow and then he is leaving at 5:00.  So tomorrow should be an "easy" day, if there is such a thing.  I would love to be able to get two workouts done tomorrow, but if I just get one, I am okay with that.

Dinner was leftover low-carb stuffed peppers.  This were sooooo good.  Probably being good and hungry was one reason, but I think they were better than when I first cooked them.  I definitely will be making these again.  I need to eat more -- I will be too hungry if I don't.  I'll probably make a little salad.

That's it for tonight.


  1. Sorry your daughter is going through a tough time - does she have short term medical leave from her work?? Hope they find out the answers after the colonoscopy!

    1. She does have short-term disability, but has been at her job less than a year, so is in danger of losing it if she has to be off for an extended time again. She doesn't get the protection of the Family Medical Leave Act until she has been there a year.


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